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Super Soaker Max-D Series .:

In 2002, Hasbro Inc. released the Max-D series. The Max-D series is structurally similar to the previous XP series, but the major differences between the Max-D series and the XP series appears to be in the inner workings. The Max-D series' trigger system appears to be rather different than in the XP series. Triggers cause the nozzle to snap open and closed as opposed to the XP series in which nozzles can be opened at various degrees. As well, it appears that the Max-D series can be pressurized slightly higher than the XP series could. The end result is a similar-sized soaker able to produce stronger streams and fire further than their predacessors. In 2003, the Max-D: Secret Strike was added to the Max-D line-up. The Max-D: Secret Strike is the first blaster to feature both a pressurized reservoir as well as a separate firing chamber. The firing chamber feeds a separate fan-blast nozzle activated by pressing the button on the top of the soaker whereas the reservoir feeds the main nozzle that is activated by the trigger.

Although no Super Soaker released since 2003 has been put under the Max-D name, the majority of newer Super Soakers now employ Max-D-type trigger valves for binary-type operation.

General Notes: Being based on air pressure to deliver the water, these water blasters have a tendency to trickle as pressure drops. Pumping between and even during shots is recommended just to keep the pressure, thus firing rate, at maximum.


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