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Super Soaker Max-Infusion (MI) Series .:

supersoaker_mi_overload_20_100In 2006, the SoakerTag series gave way to the Max Infusion series. This new series no longer came with SoakerTags, but offered an interesting new capability. Including air, piston, and CPS-based soakers, these blasters allowed an additional backpack reservoir (Super Soaker Aquapak) to be added onto the blaster if so desired. Aquapacks came in two sizes: 50oz. and 100oz. The blasters include the Overload and Defender as well as re-released and modified Flash Flood, Arctic Shock, and Helix. To attach the additional reservoir to the blaster, the reservoir caps on the Max Infusion series were made larger than previous versions. As well, their threading was reversed such that the Max-Infusion attachment could be mounted without accidentally loosening the cap. One minor problem with this setup is that it is easier to loosen the entire cap as opposed to detaching the tubing from the blaster's reservoir cap when one wants to separate the blaster from the backpack.


Arctic Shock | Defender | Helix | Flash Flood | Overload

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