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Super Soaker Soaker Tag (ST) / Soaker Tag Elite (STE) Series .:

iS_supersoaker_hydroblade_01tbIn 2004, Hasbro Inc. released the SoakerTag series of blasters to complement their SoakerTag game. The air-pressure-based SoakerTag blasters use similar internals as the Max-D line. The Triple Aggressor is the first soaker to feature a mini-soaker that is attached and pressurized by the main soaker, but can then be detached and fired separately as a sort of last-resort blaster. Blasters released with this line include the Super Soaker Helix, Hydro Blade, Liquidator, Triple Aggressor, and Vaporizer.

supersoaker_aquapack_01_1024tbIn 2005, the SoakerTag Elite series was released, including both air and CPS-based soakers. This line is being aimed at the more ambitious soaker warrior and is a step towards possibly seeing more powerful soakers in the future. The blasters released in this series were the Super Soaker Aquapack Devastator (CPS), Arctic Shock (air pressure), Flash Flood (CPS), and Triple Shot (air pressure).


SoakerTag (ST) Series: Helix | Hydro Blade | Liquidator | Triple Aggressor | Vaporizer


SoakerTag Elite (STE) Series: Aquapack Devastator | Arctic Shock | Flash Flood | Triple Shot

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