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.: Statistics measured at



Manufacturer: Hasbro Inc.

Class:  Motor

  Item Number: A4841
  Copyright Date / Release Date: 2013 / 2014
  Availability: Few Stores


Basic Statistics ::

  Weight: 538.00 g (19.01 oz.)
  Reservoir Volume: 720.00 mL (24 fl.oz.)
  Pressure Chamber Volume: N/A
  Pump Volume: N/A Ratings .:

Power: 2

Range: 50

Encumbrance: 40

Ergonomics: 75

Capacity: 35

Overall: 60

Blaster Dimensions :: 35.0 cm (13.78 ") x 6.5 cm (2.56 ") x 20.5 cm (8.07 ")

Length x Width x Height

Version Colours .:



Pressure Chamber




White / Light Blue
Light Blue

Nozzle Information: 1 .:


Range (level)

Range (45°)


iSoaker Output Rating

iSoaker Power Rating

Shot Time

Main ::

5.5 m (18.04')

7.0 m (22.97')

17.0 mL/s (0.57 oz./s)





  • Most statistics are from models tested by; individual performance may vary; some models exhibit greater variability than others (i.e. output, range, colours, etc.)
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The Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm is another new model for the 2014 Nerf Super Soaker line. It is a motorized water blaster akin to the older Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm, but requires 6 AA batteries to operate.

The Blaster ::

nerf_super_soaker_hydrostorm_15_100Nozzle ::

The Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm features a single, relatively small nozzle. Streams produced by the Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm seem to have a little more power than the older Nerf Super Soaker motorized water blasters, but the stream has a more defined pulsing feel to it. While the Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm will continue to shoot water so long as water remains, the trigger is depressed, and there is enough battery power, the pulsating nature of the stream is more noticable during longer duration shots.

nerf_super_soaker_hydrostorm_18_100Pump ::

Like the Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm, the Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm uses a motorized pump to push water out of its nozzle. Unlike the Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm, the Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm's pump requires 6 AA batteries as opposed to 4 AA batteries to work. This increased energy requirement is thankfully rewarded by an increase in stream power. The Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm's output is over double that than the older motorized Nerf Super Soaker water blasters.

Unfortunately, this stronger pump has some issues. As noted above, streams produced by the pump have a notable pulse to them, indicating that the stream produced is not consistent and more prone to wind effects. However, the greater problem is that the pump appears to have a pump seal issue. While it is unclear whether this may simply be a problem with the item tested, for every 30mL (1oz) or so of water pushed through the nozzle, an additional ~5mL (0.17oz.) of water is lost to the internals of the blaster, dribbling out a hole at the base of the trigger/grip area. Considering there is an intentionally designed hole in the grip, this suggests that the leaking of the pump into the itnernals is expected and, instead of attempting to fix the leak, the outlet hole was added the reduce how quickly the internals are damaged by the water leaked out. To get a better understanding of the problem, this blaster needs to be opened and its internals examined. We are still debating whether to spend the effort on such a task.

nerf_super_soaker_hydrostorm_16_100Grip ::

The trigger and grip area on the Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm, like the rest of the other current Nerf Super Soaker models, is well moulded and quite comfortable to hold. Unlike some of the other 2014 Nerf Super Soaker models, this grip area is not part of the reservoir, thus is made from a sturdier, better feeling type of plastic. The 6-pack of AA batteries in the forward section of the water blaster does make it somewhat front heavy, but this forward weight is not as noticeable when the reservoir is decently filled.

nerf_super_soaker_hydrostorm_17_100The Reservoir ::

The Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm features a screw-threaded cap with a rubber gasket to seal the reservoir and provides decent capacity for a water blaster of this size. The cap has a slightly smaller diameter than older caps and uses an external tie/tether system to prevent the cap from being lost. However, while there is a rubber gasket around the contact edge to prevent leaks, the hole in the middle of the cap is unobstructed. While this hole is there to allow air to enter the reservoir as water is being pulled out through the pump, the fact that there is no gating or valve over the hole also allows water to come out, especially at times when the blaster is pointed upwards. If one is not careful, one will end up shooting oneself with a thin stream of water via the cap.

Overall ::

As a whole, the Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm provides more output from a motorized water blaster compared to older motorized Nerf Super Soaker models. Despite its increased performance, the Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm provides less output than the former Water Warriors Tarantula (2007). Moreover, the Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm appears to suffer from some design flaws which waste water, potentially get the user wet, and may shorten the functional life of this water blaster. In the end, the Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm provide a little more power at the cost of additional batteries and odd, dribbling issues. While potentially able to keep pace with other water blasters of similar size, one needs to be just as wary of getting wet from using this water blaster as well as getting soaked by one's opponents.


Nice styling, comfortable to hold. Streams produced are more potent that older Nerf Super Soaker motorized water blasters.


Pump has a more noticeable pulse. Pump seems leaky with lost water dribbling out through a hole at the base of the grip area. Cap air vent may also squirt water if the blaster is held at some angles. Requires 6 AA batteries to function.

Submitted Review .:

by Frank Tano (Posted 20200325)

I was fortunate enough to find two, new-in-box Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorms on eBay for $25. The Hydrostorm will never be a primary soaker for me, but it fulfills a nostalgia by reminding me of my summers with my very first Entertech motorized water gun.

The iSoaker review is fairly comprehensive, so I will just add a few things. I find it a comfortable soaker to hold, with the heft and weight giving it an impression of a more substantial water weapon than it actually is.

In regards to the reported leak from the pump firing, I have not noticed any leak with either of the two Hydrostorms that I have. That hole in the cap is a nuisance though. I hate those basic pressure equalizer holes.

The six batteries, while an added expense do provide fairly good power and endurance. These two guns lasted for an an entire BBQ/Water Fight, with power to spare.

So, with choices of air-pressure and piston soakers out there, why would anyone want to use a motorized gun. Well, pumping a water gun is still a devise issue. I purchased these because I knew that there would be some people at my water fights that just don’t like to pump. Dual-wielding these two Hydrostorms can be fun. If you have small kids that find pumping tiring, or awkward, these motorized guns are a literal blast for them. 

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