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Water provides the foundation of life. In essence, the ability to enjoy water and its many uses is a celebration of life. strives for a world where everyone can freely enjoy the pure bliss of drenching another during a fun, safe, yet sometimes fierce water fight. Dedicated to all water warfare warriors, water fight enthusiasts, soakerphiles and hydromaniacs, the overall goal of is share its love and respect for water blasters and water warfare with everyone, whether young and old. Water blasters are definitely not solely for the use of children and some water blasters should not be used by those still growing simply due to their sheer size and weight (carrying excessive weight can stunt growth). also serves as a major point of entry for the online water warfare community. With help from various related websites, strives to promote the exchange of water blaster information as well as water fight tips, tactics, technology, and experiences from the novice to the elite water warrior. is grateful for various informational and product support from companies such as Buzz Bee Toys Inc., Hasbro Inc., Johnson Research and Development Co. Inc., Adobe Inc., and Macromedia Inc., as well as numerous individual submissions and contributions.

Water fights should be a recreational activity enjoyed by anyone and everyone! Soak on!

Note: was formerly known as Aquatechnology See the History of motto

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"Soaking the world... one person at a time!" - Soaker Network

"Fear NO soaker" - Rogue Group

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