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This section contains water warfare technology-related information. strives to help bring about better quality water blasters through public awareness and education as well as through direct communication with various water blaster manufacturers.

Water Blaster Analysis and Maintenance .:

Parts: Pressurized Reservoir Blaster Internals (e.g. Super Soaker Liquidator)

Parts: Separate Pressure Blaster Internals (e.g. Water Warriors Piranha)

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Patents .:

Some interesting patent/technology links are listed here as well.


Repair Guides .:

Disclaimer: The following repair guides are provided for informational purposes. Not all these repairs have actually been tested here. and its affiliates cannot and will not take any responsibility to any damages caused as a direct or indirect result of anything attempted. Use at your own risk/discretion.

General TroubleshootingGeneral Water Gun / Water Blaster Troubleshooting Pressurized Reservoir TroubleshootingPressurized Reservoir Tech Troubleshooting Separate Firing Chamber TroubleshootingSeparate Firing Chamber Tech Troubleshooting
Elastic Pressure-Based TroubleshootingCPS-Based Tech Troubleshooting Quickfill Tech TroubleshootingSC Quickfill Tech Troubleshooting

Specific Weaponry Problems .:

Note: While these repairs are done on a specific water blaster, aspects of the repair methods may be usable on a wide variety of different water blasters.

Pump Repair / Reinforcing

Pressure Chamber Repair

Nozzle Valve Repair

Trigger Repair / Reinforcing

Nozzle Selector

Tech Development .:

The following is the listing of tech research items, some of which have been further developed here, at

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