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Tech Water Blaster Pressurization Technology - Overview .:

All water blasters share a common purpose: to push out water over a distance. However, the means and the effectiveness of a water blaster depends both on the pressurization technology used to propel the water as well as the ability of the other parts of its internals to sculpt and shape the stream. The latter of these technologies (i.e. the tubing, lamination devices, and nozzle geometry) deserve their own set of articles. This series will primarily focus on the pressurization technologies available.

As already noted, the following series of articles will dive deeper into the various technologies used to push water forward. See this related page for a good primer on Soaker Technology: Basics. Unlike the introductory page, this set of articles will explore the specifics of various water blaster technologies and discuss various advantages, disadvantages, limitations, and how blaster designs optimally make use of (or not) the technology chosen. Not all known water blaster technologies will be covered since some are rare and/or unlikely to be used in the foreseeable future. There are also some water blasters that use a combination or hybrid of various technologies. Those may be touched upon in various articles, but discussed to less detail. The current plan is to cover the major water blaster technology types. Of course, this list may be expanded once the core technology articles are completed.

Major Water Blaster Pressurization Technologies

Other Known Technologies

Currently, there are no articles planned for the technologies listed under Other Known Technologies. This post will be updated with links as each pressurization technology article is completed. Hopefully these articles will prove insightful both to those newer to water warfare as well as those who are already veterans on the field. I know I have already learned more from having to put the materials together in preparation for these articles.

Soak on!


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