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The following page outlines some common problems visitors have when attempting to view this website. If you have a particular problem which is not addressed by the following problems and suggested solutions, please send your questions to me (See: Submissions).

I can see the Flash movies, but I can't hear anything and they keep crashing my computer.

You possibly have Macromedia Flash 5.0 or lower installed instead of Macromedia Flash 6.0 or above. Flash 4.0 and above files which uses encode sound using MP3 compression. This can cause some problems for Flash 3.0 or lower players. Even if you have Flash 5.0 installed, the newer movies have functions which work only using the Flash 6.0 player. Your best bet is to install Flash 6.0 or above.

If you do have Flash 7.0 or above installed, either you don't have a sound card, your speakers are off, or you do not have enough free memory for the Flash 7.0 or above Player to run smoothly. Try closing other programs and see if this helps resolve the problem.

The page layout looks funny. Why is there a bunch of bullets at the base of the page? uses cascading style-sheets (CSS) to format the layout of its pages. Older browsers may not render the CSS encoding properly. Please try browing using IE 5.0 or higher, Netscape 5.0 or higher, or the latest versions of Mozilla, Firefox, or Opera. Pages are also meant for viewing in a window at least 750 pixels wide. Window sizes narrower than this may appear strange as the page attempts to adjust to the smaller format.

I see lots of broken images and/or Flash movies.

Potentially you have an old version of a page cached on your computer. Many images and links have been recently updated. Try doing a complete reload of a particular page using Ctrl-Reload (or Apple Key-Reload if using a Mac).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is derived from the obvious short form ("Internet Soaker") and the more subtle play on words ("I, Soaker") As the website covers a lot more ground than simply weapon reviews, the name became more fitting than the previous name of Aquatechnology. Also, "" was already registered under a different company.

How often are new posting put up?

I try to put up a posting at least once a week during the Spring and Summer months. (If I don't... well, I try! *smile*.)

I see you have [insert water gun/water blaster name here] How much are you selling it...?

I do NOT sell any water guns/water blasters in my collection. Were I ever to sell anything, it would be through to simplify transaction and for insurance purposes.

How do you navigate in the site?

The top menu has icons representing the major sections on as well as having drop-down menus to allow for access to specific, popular inner pages. Clicking on these icons should bring you to the respective page. There is also a Flash-based navigational bar at the bottom of all pages on Please note that, while affiliated with, is not actually part of the website, thus going to that site means you are exiting If your computer is having trouble with the Flash content, most of the site can be reached via text links that are found near the bottom of most pages.

As well, at the top of the header area are navigational bread crumbs which shows the major branch points a particular page is categorized under. Going up a level is as simple as clicking on the link prior to the current page's name.

I submitted a review/story/tech development to you. When will it be posted?

Depending on my own schedule, accepted posts typically go up within a few days. Whether a received email ends up posted on depends on whether or not it is deemed acceptable for posting on If the email submission is rejected for posting, I typically respond to the sender stating why and what needs to be done. However, if a post is found outright offensive to me, do not expect any form of personal response or acknowledgement.

Why are you using Adobe Flash movies on your site? Why not keep it simple images and text?

In light of the evolving Internet, I have tried to keep the site on par with the latest web technologies. Fact is Adobe Flash content allows to incorporate moving pictures, interactive menus, smoother navigation, and sound without greatly increasing file sizes. Most Flash movie files are often even smaller than the previous images they have replaced! It is highly recommended for visitors to be using the latest and most up-to-date version of Adobe's Flash player. Of course, for those who cannot view or have difficulty viewing the Flash files, I have posted text links to the few relevant HTML pages at the bottom of each page.

Do you have any good water blaster modifications or instructions on making your own water gun? remains primarily focused on stock water blasters and water warfare using them. While we appreciate the desire of those to modify or try to build a better water blaster, that subject is beyond the scope of this site. That said, there are many tips on how to maximize stock blaster performance without needing to make any modifications. has a few articles on external aesthetic water blaster modifications as well as a water gun repair section. However, for those truly interested in modifying and/or building their own water blaster, the most informative site on that subject is Super Soaker Central.

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The future will tell...

Are you obsessed with water weapons?

Yes! And by the fact that you're still reading this, you probably are, too.

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