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The following aliases and/or individuals are recognized by as key contributors to the development of Soakerdom. This listing is by no means exhaustive and more names and information may be added in time. Of course, all members of the various communities have helped shape Soakerdom, but the ones listed below have made particularly significant positive contributions to the development of Soakerdom. Feel free to nominate others using the Submissions page; please include the name/alias of any nominee as well as an explanation why you feel they should be included. Names are not listed in any particular order.

The Heroes List

heroes_lonniejLonnie Johnson :: Engineer, Rocket Scientist, Inventor of the Super Soaker
heroes_bigbeeBig Bee :: President of Buzz Bee Toys Inc., first highly visible water blaster manufacturing representative active on various water warfare boards
ss50_sqBruce D'Andrade :: Engineer/designer who played a key role in helping bring the Super Soaker to the masses
Amron_water_gun_prototype_64Alan Amron :: Inventor of numerous water gun technologies from the earlier motorized water gun to recent stream pattern devices
cosmicliquidator_sqAnson Sims :: Inventor or of the Cosmic Liquidator, the oldest known air-pressure-based water blaster
heroes_jerryJerry S. :: webmaster of InvertedDesign and (late 1990s); ran Super Soaker giveaway contests and offered webspace for Aquatica and

heroes_ianhIan Helfrich :: webmaster of Water Weapons (apparently the first (or very close to the first) Super Soaker website on the Internet; first to use Mk system); creator of the "Reservoir" reviews on early websites

Dominion32 :: the alias behind the MiB Alliance and the first major online water warfare community: the MiB Alliance Yahoo Club
heroes_ssw2heroes_sswSuperSoakerWarrior/MaXStaR :: webmaster of Aqua-Nexus and Co-Founder of Aquatica: Spirit of the Super Soaker
heroes_duxburianDuxburian :: co-Founder of and; new age tactician as well as WBL designer
m4_v8_64Marauder 4 :: Vermin War organizer and long time community veteran
outcasts_64Adrian :: reknowned forum contibutor and well-respected forum moderator
heroes_benBen :: one of the Founders of Super Soaker Central; water blaster modder and homemade building promoter

Other notable individuals/aliases:

  • ChrisReid
  • Black Six
  • xneverfacedefeatx
  • Shadowstrike Prime
  • Budgiesoaker
  • C-A_99
  • Spinner
  • Excelite
  • Veteran
  • XP20Warrior
  • Zero
  • General Rak
  • Wild Boys
  • Newb
  • wetmonkey442
  • Mr.Pukeonyourhead
  • Silent Guy
  • mr. dude
  • mutuhaha
  • Belisaurius
  • Softrazor
  • TAKrogoth
  • Peter_MJ
  • TonyB
  • Sapper
  • dragonclass
  • Field Marshal Yang
  • Hannibal
  • Iceman
  • Blue Mage
  • Nibordude
  • cobralex297

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