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The following listing of soakers are preferred soakers for specific purposes picked here at Of course, these picks are based on personal, subjective blaster preferences and different people may have their own distinct preferences. These picks should be taken as suggestions, but not as the be all and end all of what is a good soaker. Also, not all of these picks may be readily available in a specific locale. The following listing is based on what has had experience with and may not necessarily suit the preference of all individuals.


All-Time-Fav Picks

Updated 20160306

Currently Available Picks

Updated 20160306

Light Back-Up Blaster Super Soaker Max-D 2000 / Super Soaker Triple Shot Water Warriors Viper
Mid-Weight Back-Up Blaster Super Soaker Helix / Water Warriors Splat Blaster 2 Water Warriors Steady Stream 2
Heavy-Weight Back-Up Blaster Super Soaker SC Big Trouble / Water Warriors Hydra Pak N/A
Light Primary Blaster Super Soaker SC 500 / Super Soaker Flash Flood / Water Warriors Equalizer / Water Warriors Outlaw Water Warriors Outlaw / Water Warriors Python 2
Mid-Weight Primary Blaster Super Soaker CPS 1500 / Super Soaker CPS 1700 / Super Soaker Monster / Water Warriors Vindicator Water Warriors Gargantua / Water Warriors Waterlord
Heavy Primary Blaster Super Soaker Monster X / Super Soaker CPS 3200 N/A
Tanker Super Soaker CPS 2700 / Super Soaker CPS 3200 N/A
Pump-Free Soaker Super Soaker SC Power Pak Water Warriors Hydro Current
Light Sniping Blaster Super Soaker Max-D 6000 / Water Warriors Equalizer Water Warriors Argon (2016)
Mid-Weight Sniping Blaster Super Soaker CPS 1000 / Super Soaker CPS 1200 / Water Warriors Pulse Master Water Warriors Gargantua
Heavy-Weight Sniping Blaster Super Soaker CPS 2000 / Super Soaker CPS 2500 N/A
High Intimidation Blaster Super Soaker Monster XL / Super Soaker Hydro Blitz N/A

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