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.: Statistics measured at



Manufacturer: Larami Ltd. / now Hasbro Inc.

Class:  Elastic - Bladder

  Item Number: 9797-0
  Copyright Date / Release Date: 1996 / 1996
  Patents: 5,305,919
  Availability: No Longer Made


Basic Statistics ::

  Weight: 1580.00 g (55.83 oz.)
  Reservoir Volume: 3100.00 mL (103.33 fl.oz.)
  Pressure Chamber Volume: 900.00 mL (30 fl.oz.)
  Pump Volume: 31 mL (1.03 fl.oz.) Ratings .:

Power: 100

Range: 100

Encumbrance: 80

Ergonomics: 75

Capacity: 90

Overall: 85

Blaster Dimensions :: 87.0 cm (34.25 ") x 13.0 cm (5.12 ") x 30.0 cm (11.81 ")

Length x Width x Height

Version Colours .:



Pressure Chamber



1 ::

1L pressure chamber

2 ::

750mL pressure chamber

Nozzle Information: 1 .:


Range (level)

Range (45°)


iSoaker Output Rating

iSoaker Power Rating

Shot Time

Main ::

9.0 m (29.53')

15.0 m (49.21')

849.0 mL/s (28.3 oz./s)



1.0 s


  • Most statistics are from models tested by; individual performance may vary; some models exhibit greater variability than others (i.e. output, range, colours, etc.)
  • Please reference if you use any information from any part of this website.

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The Super Soaker CPS 2000, released in 1996 by Larami Ltd., was the first CPS blaster released and the largest single-piece blaster available at its time. It remains arguably the most powerful mass-produced water blaster ever..

iS SuperSoaker cps2000_01tbiS SuperSoaker cps2000_04tbiS SuperSoaker cps2000_06tb

Design .:
The size, details, and massive orange nozzle area combine together, creating a water blaster that looks like a cannon and exudes power just from its profile. Looking nothing like any previous Super Soaker models, the CPS 2000's fully-encased internals, pressure-chamber window with a sliding fill gauge, and fully-tracked pump. Despite its size, the positioning of its trigger/grip region makes the CPS 2000 feel well-balanced while its sturdy top-handle makes it easy to hold and refill. Its shoulder strap is very useful for a blaster of this size, when used, taking the weight off one's arms onto one's shoulder for greater comfort during longer battles. Moreover, the shoulder strap allows one to sling the CPS 2000 simply along one's back and out-of-the-way when not needed, allowing one to even use this water cannon as a heavy-hitting back-up water blaster!

iS SuperSoaker cps2000_12tbiS SuperSoaker cps2000_13tbiS SuperSoaker cps2000_14tb

Build and Ergonomics .:
The CPS 2000 is made from good quality plastic and feels sturdy, not excessively heavy. The pump grip features light texturing and moves smoothly along its tracks. The trigger/grip area is open with a trigger guard and a long handle that can accomodate all, but the largest of hands. Alignment between both halves of the shell is very good with virtually no ridges between the two shall halves. The top-mounted handle feels very sturdy and is optimally positioned such that the CPS 2000 is balanced when empty as well as when filling. While the CPS 2000 is very comfortable to hold with both hands, the inclusion of the shoulder straps makes it even easier to use for prolonged periods of time, shifting weight away from one's arms onto one's shoulder. Moreover, a properly adjusted shoulder strap will permit one-handed operation once the pressure chamber is filled, though the CPS 2000's massive, but short shot time means one will likely need to repump after a blast or two. Perhaps the only point lacking is the design of the reservoir cap that lacks any sort of tether to keep it from getting lost when not attached to the water blaster.

Overall Performance .:

The size of this weapon along with the thick, powerful stream of water it releases from its nozzle seriously adds to its intimidation factor. Unrivaled in terms of sheer water output, the CPS 2000 puts roughly 1L (33oz) of water anywhere within a 50' range of its user. The 3.1L water reservoir, though larger than most water weapons, allows one just over three shots before requiring a refill. The power of the blaster can be seen by the statistics for the blaster's output and range. The stream released causes kickback which can be felt by the user. The shoulder strap makes carrying this weapon a little more comfortable though it is definitely not a weapon for the meek. Its built-in handle offers a place to hold the blaster when refilling. . Of course, one must remain wary of high-output air pressure and the larger, higher-output elastic-pressure-based water blasters out there.


A powerful, thick and sadistic water stream capable of thoroughly soaking your opponent down to his/her undergarments in seconds. Unlike the lower-rated CPS models, the pumping mechanism is mounted underneath the barrel, making it quite sturdy and resistant to damage. However, do remember that this stuff is only plastic.


Heavy. Let me rephrase that. Really heavy! This things weighs a good deal when fully loaded. It also take many pumps (20-25) to load the firing chamber, but only a couple of blinks to empty it. The single choice of nozzle means one cannot choose a lower setting to conserve ammo when the reservoir is running low on water.

:: Submitted Reviews

By: Aqua-Flash | Posted 20090615

The CPS 2000 pretty much started everything CPS.  At the time the sheer power was so crazy nothing could really rival it, not even today.  So crazy in fact rumour has it someone received a pretty bad eye injury at close range, ouch!  Because of this, it didn’t last very long on the market and made way for more toned down but still pretty powerful CPS’s.

Looks wise this thing is mean, and looks like a rocket launcher, and given the way it fired you could say it was.  It fired one huge beam rated at around 20-30x output up to around fifty feet if not more for around a second.  Whoever got hit by this would probably rather wet themselves.  The recoil as well, if you want power then look no further, definitely a site to see.  The design and build is also very good.  It has a tracked pump which is a big advantage so it is less likely to break down like one of those celebrities who are always in the news.  It also doesn’t take too long to pump to get to full pressure.  The idea of a pressure gauge to see how much water you have in the cylindrical firing chamber is also very handy and simple.  The reservoir volume is the standard 3L for a soaker this size, not too big yet not too small.  And for its size it is rather light and good to move around with, however compared to smaller soakers it is heavier, at least it is not as handicapped as the weight of the Monster series, not by a long shot.  The colours are also very good as well being grey, purple and some orange.

Things are not all good with the 2000 though, despite the fact you may think that a soaker that boasts all this power, output and range would be perfect, it ain’t.  Because of all this power and output, you’ll be pumping for most of your life with this soaker as it depletes its water like a Ford GT40 would in petrol, and that’s pretty quick.  It is not what you’d call the most practical, but then again, in just all on out soakfests which is what Super Soakers are about who cares, it just isn’t in a league of its own though, there are many other CPS’s just as effective and cheaper.  Depending on what version you get there are some reliability issues, mainly if you get the original version with the longer pressure gauge, the rubber has a bigger chance of rupturing rendering the soaker useless if used wildly.  The later more toned down (but still damn powerful) model from experience can leak a little sometimes, not that it matters since your enemies are going to get numbed from its beam anyway.  The final problem is due to everything that it has and surrounds it, the price is sky high mostly now, it is equivalent of basically setting fire to your wallet to get one, or just, generally setting fire to something.

Overall, the CPS 2000 is insane as what a CPS soaker can get in terms of power and soakage.  However there are other soakers that do just as good a job when in battle which are less expensive and more convenient to use.  If you really are into it and have a lot of money to spare, then buy one as while overrated the 2000 is still a very good soaker to have and very fun, however just remember it is not a soaker you really need.  If someone shows off and says ‘I have a CPS 2000 and you don’t,’ who cares as you can shut them up with something cheaper and just as effective.

Using the CPS 2000

You can take on most things with its sheer intimidation and one hit devastation range, power and soakage.  Watch out for smaller lighter soakers or even similar or bigger ones with flexible nozzles while you pump.

Against the CPS 2000

The CPS 2000 is far from unbeatable however.  If using a smaller blaster, a good user can stay out of range making the 2000 user waste their water.  When they run out go on the offensive.  Same with similar sized or larger blasters, just dodge, conserve and then soak!





















Reservoir Volume

Mark 1

Mark 2


3L - 105.6oz

3.2L – 112.6oz


Firing Chamber Volume

Mark 1

Mark 2


682mL - 24oz

540mL – 19oz




45 Degrees


Shot Time

Mark 1

10.5m - 34.65'

16m - 52.8'

682mL - 24oz

1.0 Seconds

Mark 2

9.5m – 31.35’

15m – 49.5’

599mL – 21.1oz

0.9 Seconds



Pump Volume

Shots Per Tank


Mark 1


28mL - 1oz



Mark 2


27mL – 0.95oz



By: Greg T. | Posted: 20071128

Manufacturer: Hasbro Inc. 
Year of Copyright: 1997
Item Number: 9797-0
Patents: RE35412; 5339987

Soaker name: CPS 2000
Length: 34 in.
Width: 3 in.
Height: 12 in.
Weight: 32 oz

Pressurization System: Elastic Pressure
Reservoir Capacity: 3500 mL
PC Capacity: 1000 mL
Pump Volume: 50 mL

Number of Nozzles: 1

Nozzle 1:
Output: 1000 mL/sec
Range(angled): 16 meters
Range(level): 10 meters


The lord of water guns.  I own this gun and it is unbelievable.  I have the Mark 1 and it is over 12 years old and looks like I threw it off of a cliff but it still works perfectly.  When filled with water this gun is heavy.  I am 15 so I can can shove this gun around with out much trouble but my 7 year old neighbor can't lift it.  When this gun is fired at full power the recoil is incredible for a water gun.  It fires a glob of water roughly 5 inches across and 2.5 feet long out of a nozzle .5 inches widethat can hurt when hit with it from within 10 feet.  I have heard that it was discontinued do to a violation of US safety laws but don't worry they are all grandfathered those that already exist.  If you see one for sale buy at all costs but don't expect mine to be for sale ever.

By Wild Boys | Posted: 20050701

Capacity: 3 Litres
Shot Time: 1.1 seconds
Number of pumps: 25
Nozzle: 25-30x
Range: 50+ feet
Shots Per Tank: 4
Intimidation: 10/10
Power: 10/10
Weight: 8/10
Mobility: 8/10
Durability: 8/10
Overall: 10/10

The CPS 2000 was the first ever CPS weapon released. It brought power and range in a soaker that was never seen before which signalled the next generation of great soakers. Be careful with this gun though, rumours was that this gun was so powerful some person received a huge blast to the face that blew out an eye. Whether you believe that or not is entirely up to you. Because of this, there were two versions of the CPS 2000 released. The second version had to be toned down. Here are the stats of the two of them. The version being reviewed is the Mk1.

CPS 2000 Mk1: The more powerful version. Has a longer pressure gauge and thicker rubber in the firing chamber than the Mk2. Shot time was supposedly a tad longer by a fraction of a second on the Mk1 than it was on the Mk2. The nozzle on the Mk1 was also bigger. The only thing was that the Mk1 was apparently less durable than the Mk2.

CPS 2000 Mk2: It had less power and a fraction less shot time than the Mk1. The nozzle wasn't as big. The rubber wasn't as thick, but not long ago a discovery was made that the Mk2 shot about 3 feet further than the Mk1. The Mk2 is also more durable and had a shorter pressure gauge.

Now, onto the Mk1 review. This has got to be my favourite soaker. Its amazing range, power and stream thickness will send you're opponent running with its high intimidation factor. A weapon to be feared. You can get someone soaked instantly with this. Just don't fire too close as its recoil will send you back and could hurt you opponent if you are not careful. It doesn't take too many pumps either which is a plus. The pump is also tracked too meaning that there is no risk of falling down and breaking it like with the non guided pumps. Its not too heavy either meaning that you can be quite mobile with it. There are, however, a few bad things about this gun. It uses up its water very quick due to the power and stream thickness with only one nozzle leaving you exposed so you would need someone to cover you while you pump it back up again. Also, the plastic around the pump feels like it may wear after a lot of pumping but again this is quite fixable. The final gripe is that the trigger feels like it may break after a certain period of time.

But, this is still my favourite gun and is a great weapon to have in your armoury. It is probably very hard to find in stores now but some people have come across them so perhaps you may get lucky and find one. If you do, pick it up. I would try eBay for one now though as it is the best place really to get one. I seriously recommend this gun.


+Very powerful
+Long Range
+Huge output
+High intimidation factor


-Only one nozzle meaning one can't conserve water when running low
-Low shot time
-Pump and trigger feel a bit flimsy

Review by War Machine | Posted: 20011209

Super Soaker CPS2000 review:
A personal favorite, the CPS2000 is the hardest firing water cannon ever designed by Larami toys. This is a must have water blaster. Prized by collectors and water warfare enthusiasts alike, the CPS2000 represents a
pinnacle in blasters to those who can handle this ferocious gigantic beast. Debuted to the public in 1996, the CPS2000 marked the beginning of the CPS age. Though a rare find today, this blaster is well worth the search if one can stumble across one today. Unfortunately, this blaster was thought to be discontinued because of safety reasons. The blaster would unleash a fast-moving steam of water that had the power to injure the unfortunate
victim if shoot above the neck.

The CPS2000 is a respectable cannon. The blaster is capable of releasing a powerful shot of water with amazing feedback and speed. This blaster is easily capable of knocking the socks off the user of any larger blaster when in capable hands. The CPS2000 can out range and out power all Super soakers to date. Despite being even more powerful than the Monsters, the CPS2000 is actually a very compact weapon for its size.

This weapon will take some getting used to if one is not familiar with using CPS size and grade weaponry. Though a very capable blaster, this weapon is limited like all others to the capabilities of its user. I personally recommend practicing using this water blaster before engaging an opponent in battle. Though as ferocious as this Super Soaker may be, someone with a weapon with less pumps, and/or greater water supply may send you running for the hills. This blaster is great for support and makes others think twice before charging the nose of this blaster.

There are actually two known versions of the CPS2000. The CPS2000 Mark1 was originally released in the spring of 1996. This blaster can be seen in the above picture from As seen in the picture below, the second CPS2000 variant (CPS2000 Mark2) had a shorter pressure gauge and the Super Soaker
labels where reversed. Also the forward sticker on the CPS2000 Mark1 stated "Air Pressure Super Soaker" While the newer blaster had "Constant pressure." The original blaster sports a much larger CPS chamber which could hold 1/3 more water than its new counterpart. Despite its impressive CPS tube, the CPS2000 Mark1 only had a single second shot time compared with the CPS2000 Mark2 which could shoot for more than two seconds. Now here is the best difference between the two variants of the CPS2000: The CPS2000 Mark1 could shoot 3-5 feet further than its replacement.

See: <> for a comparison of the two variants of the CPS2000.

Pros: Nice size and design for its power. Good buck when firing, as well as a comfortable handle. Blaster is easy to aim and fits nicely into shoulders; has a Pressure gauge. Darker colouring scheme than most Super Soakers. Sturdy, tracked pump, good handle, and has a strap with small, strong, black clips as opposed to the common, weak, neon clips found on today's soakers.

Cons: Pump handle becomes stiff with use, heavy when full, takes some time to built up pressure. Drains its resources very quickly. Only one large nozzle to chose from means one can not conserve water on the field.

Review By Drew W. | Posted: 20000662

The CPS 2000 is the most powerful water weapon ever created. It can easily defeat 20x power with its enormous nozzle estimated at 30x (Which is to say, absolutly ridiculous. You gotta shoot it to see what I mean). You can feel the gun fire since it is so powerful. The blaster itself is so huge it will scare away anyone thinking of opposing you. The blaster is, in fact, more powerful than the Monster XL. If you think about it, the MXL with both barrels set to 11.5x adds up to 23x. Remember, the CPS 2000's nozzle is estimated to be around 30x.

This blaster was the first true big blaster. Until then, there were no blasters as big as these bazookas.

Just be careful that you don't shoot anyone in the face, because this blaster could do some harm and waterfights aren't meant to blind people. Also beware, firing the blaster at close range will splash back and drown you as well as the unfortunate victim you're soaking.

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