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  • News: update information and general interest news.
  • History: descriptions and links to archived sites that chonicle the development path of
  • History of Soakerdom: a look at the growth and development of various Online Water Warfare Communities
  • Articles: table containing all Information-related articles available at


Notable Articles:


  • Pre-Super Soaker History: insight into the earlier days at Larami Corp.
  • Super Soaker History: co-written by the inventor, Dr. LG Johnson - a unique perspective on the origins and evolution of the Super Soaker. A must read for any enthusiast!
  • Water Warriors Brand History: a look at the development of the Water Warriors brand by Buzz Bee Toys Inc. with a glimpse into corporate history as well.

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iSoaker HeroesiSoaker Heroes - aliases / individuals who contributed significantly to the growth of water warfare and Soakerdom SubmissionsSubmission Info: contact information and a description of what occurs with submissions. HelpHelp: still uncertain about why the site seems to be behaving strangely? See the help page for potential solutions.
StatisticsStatistics: methods used to determine blaster statistics reported on the blaster review pages. ConvsersionsConversions: conversion factors used here at GlossaryGlossary: soaker terminology and a brief description of the meaning of each term.
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