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Aquatechnology had always been a four section website. However, 1999 found the Aquatechnology site growing in popularity as more reviews, tips, tactics, war stories, etc. were posted. As webmaster, I have strived to maintain Aquatechnology's high level of quality both graphically and content-wise. However, nearing the end of last year, I received more and more emails written about various people's personal soaker experiences, modifications, designs, etc. The emails became more numerous and I realized that what Aquatechnology had failed to tap into was the knowledge-base of the online Super Soaker® community. However, in order to maintain current standards, I could not simply just accept and promise to post any emails I received. Also, I did not want to confuse visitors and have them trying to figure out which sections were produced in-house as opposed to submitted. The answer was simple: create a new section.

And so, Soaker World was born. Adding a fifth section to Aquatechnology had never been previously planned but the reasoning behind its addition was sound. Soaker World is a unified section devoted to Soaker Fans who may not have access or ability to create a website but want their thoughts read or seen. Not every email submitted would be posted. Those posted would be checked for grammar and spelling (to the best of my abilities). At present, there are three submitted Super Soaker® modifications posted within Soaker World. Also, in the future, Soaker World pages will include a picture gallery of Super Soaker® fans either holding their prized weapon of choice or engaged in the heat of battle as well as a Soaker Review section made up of submissions from visitors who have a thing or two to say about certain SuperSoakers. Unlike a simple message board, all things posted will be reviewed by me before they go up. Last thing I'd want is Aquatechnology to be spammed by those who really do not care much about Super Soakers® and only want to destroy what they do not understand.

Aquatechnology is a site dedicated to the Super Soaker® enthusiast. Leave NO one dry!

Posted: 20000209

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