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December 25: Happy Holidays to all! As for the intrigued soaker crowd, the first reports of 2003 Super Soaker sightings are in. See's Main Discussion forum for more information and, in the new year, check back here for more extensive reviews, etc. Soak on!
17: Due to the successful launch of (as well as my own reality getting incredibly more busy), the Rogue group will not be accepting any more membership and, for the meantime, will remain on hold. Those interested in participating in a water-warfare-related community are encouraged to join the discussion forums.
1: Splash page updates. Minor tweaks done site-wide. Still awaiting the first 2003 Super Soaker line news... hopefully coming soon...

November 19: Tips and Tactics section expanded.
18: joins
11: Tips and Tactics section expanded.
10: Training Guide removed. Pages previously part of the Training Guide will be integrated into the current Tips and Tactics pages and expanded. Various minor bug-fixes and updates made site-wide. New versions of the site always seem to introduce a few unexpected behaviours that are corrected when discovered.
1: site upgraded (See Information: History for more details).

October 19: Update progress: things are going quite well for the upgrade. After doing various changes and thinking a bit, this upgrade will be done in two steps. The first one will launch within a month or so with retweaking of how various sections behave and bring in information. The next phase of the update requires me to learn a few more things and buy some software that I currently don't own so that'll take a little while longer to set up (Q1: 2003, hopefully). Time will tell.
10: entering off-season updating mode - Many changes planned for, but everything currently is purely thought and nothing actually done. Hopefully, the changes will be completed to match the launching of the 2003 Super Soaker line. If not, any early 2003 Super Soaker product information will be posted, but no major changes are expected on until the major update is complete. Soak on!

September 19: Revised History of the Super Soaker(R) posted (See: Info section). Special thanks to Dr. Lonnie Johnson for providing more images and helping revise the article, filling in details otherwise unknown to most. Soak on!
16: site upgrade underway. New Intro created and more subpages now brought into the main Splash movie. These changes all done in preparation for more dynamic changes in the future. (, has moved servers... did you notice? Move initiated on Sept. 16, 2002.)
1: Flash-based Soaker Game: Soaker Duels launched.

August 10: has entered early stasis mode. As such, no submissions will be accepted and there will be no major updates for awhile (I am going on vacation for a few weeks). To all those who drop by, SOAK ON! Leave NO one dry! ...many changes are underway off-line in preparation for the next major update.
4: New Rogue Member Concept soaker posted (See Elite: Elite Concepts).
2: receives a Webmaster Choice Award (See Award Banner and link below)! The Aqua-Nexus also received the same award! Eight other sites were also awarded with both recognition banners and soakers! Many thanks to for the kudos! 

July 31: New Rogue Member Concept soaker posted (See Elite: Concepts).
30: New Soaker Event posted (See SoakerNet: Soaker Events).
27: XP15:2000 review posted along with various page upgrades. New site link added in the Links section (See SoakerNet: Links: Other Water Warfare Sites)
26: New soaker event posted for those in the Central New Jersey area (See SoakerNet: Soaker Events for more info).
14-24: Armoury section undergoing revisions. Changes to various pages occuring daily.
15: Aquatica Site Awards announced. gets to claim 6 awards as chosen by Aquatica members including Best Layout and Favourite Overall Site! Thanks to all who voted!
14: Errors found. Major discrepancies found between listed dates of release on and copyright dates found on the side of older soakers. As such, please disregard current dates on soakers until it can be corrected.
10: entering major information upgrade period. No major updates planned until the information upgrade is completed. All blaster and novelty reviews to be upgraded. Submissions are still welcome.
07: Submitted CPS1200 review posted (See SoakerNet section).
06: New Intro movie! New subpage header Flash movie with additional navigational function. Submitted CPS1700 review posted in the War Journal (See SoakerNet).
01: Splash movie edited. 

June 30: Elite Tactics - Scouting page increased. Aquatica Site Awards Finalists announced. See Aquatica EZBoards for more information.
27: Main Flash movie altered. News set as default sub-movie loaded. To access the last menu chosen, go to the "Pop-Up Menu" at the bottom-left of the movie area and choose "LastViewedMenu". New soaker storage picture added to the Image Gallery (See SoakerNet). Links page updated.
25: Elite Scouting page expanded.
23: New Elite Tactics page posted on Scouting. New war story added to the War Journal (See SoakerNet).
18: Zen of Soaking pages integrated into the Elite Flash pages.
16: Soaker Event page added to the SoakerNet section. For information on advertising your own soaker event, see the Soaker Event page for more details.
15: C.Q.C. combat tips page expanded (See Elite - Tactics). goes dynamic. On every page, the top Flash movie buttons as well as navigation bar should now properly access the appropriate sub-Movie in the main-Splash page when clicked (using a little ASP and Flash magic).
13: New Soaker Concept posted (See Elite - Elite Concepts).
12: iSoaker Rogue Directory updated and enhanced (See Elite section).
10: Vermin War 5 completed (See SoakerNet - The War Journal). Also, another submitted water story posted (See SoakerNet - The War Journal).
9: Max-D soaker reviews converted to the 2002 review format. New poll added in the Poll Section.
8: 2002 Soaker Review format finalized (See CPS4100 review). CPS2100 revised review posted. The rest of the 2002 blaster reviews will be converted in the coming days. News article:Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Toymakers bring out the heavy artillery in water-gun arms race.
6: New Blaster Browser under development (See The Armoury Menu).
3: Various page editing done. CPS4100 review modified... final form for review templates almost finalized.
2: Main menu movie made smarter. It is now designed to remember the last important submenu it loaded so that it will reload the next time you visit the page.
1: Rogue Group re-activated (See: Elite). Archived Aquatechnology (2000) site made available to browsing (See History - Aquatech Era)

May 29: Submitted CPS2100 review posted (See SoakerNet: Reviews).
28: Experimenting with Blaster Review layout (See CPS4100 review for latest design). Close-Quarter Combat page expanded.
27: Submitted CPS Splashzooka 65Oz. review posted (See SoakerNet section).
26: Looking for some visitor feedback. Please visit the iSoaker Public Forum (link below). Blast from the past. See the 1999 Aquatechnology site (Check out the Aquatechnology Era in the History page).
25: Close-Quarters Combat section expanding (See Elite Tactics).
22: Elite Tactics page re-organized and new page begun: Elite Tactics - Close Quarters Combat.
20: Elite Pages conversion to Flash interface beginning.
17: Submitted reviews on the Max-D6000, XP270 and CPS1000 posted in the SoakerNet section.
12: Edited History Flash file. Changed initial bandwidth requirement as well as added a link for the HTML Aquatechnology History page.
10: Revised CPS4100 review. Go check out the modified Flash Review design.
09: Continuing to work on interface and navigational elements. Learning new methods for better content delivery.
07: More navigational changes... and modification of soaker review template (See CPS4100 review). V5 - Part II posted (See the War Journal).
06: Vermin War 5 beginning posted in the War Journal (See SoakerNet section)
05: Submitted Max-D6000 and CPS2500 reviews posted in the SoakerNet section.
04: Continuing to convert into its new format. Still working on optimizing Flash interface and preparing for the next major change (not in terms of looks, but in terms of site behavior).
01.:..and now for something different. Surprise face-lift! Upgraded Intro! Hope you like! =) The CPS4100 review has been added in the new Review format. Oh, and don't forget to check out the 3D Flash Expt at the bottom of the main splash movie. And if you want a deeper understanding of why the sudden facelift, read the latest entry in the History page in the Information section. Soak on!
20020501.:..and now for something different. Surprise face-lift! Upgraded Intro! Hope you like! =) The CPS4100 review has been added in the new Review format. Oh, and don't forget to check out the 3D Flash Expt at the bottom of the main splash movie. And if you want a deeper understanding of why the sudden facelift, read the latest entry in the History page in the Information section. Soak on!

April 20020418: Rogue Group closed. Due to lack of time/energy, I have chosen to close down the iSoaker Rogue section. Thanks to all the Rogue members for making it fun/cool while it lasted... perhaps in some point in the future, it may be reborn, but for now, I'd rather disband the group rather than leave it under-developed.
20020416: Super Soaker® giveaway contest! Check out the site for full details!
20020414: full site upgrade! More changes done than can be listed easily. Go exploring... you never know what you'll find. Key Notes: All detailed reviews revamped. New 2002 Super Soaker® reviews: Max-D3000, Max-D4000 and SS:Splashfire Reviews posted. Other Soaker-related product section expanded. Timeline page revised. New pages added including a search page (in Site Index), a weather-info page, a separate Poll Station, a Humour Section, and a Top-iSoaker-Rated blasters for specific jobs page. Other Note: given credit in a Breakpoint City comic. See Breakpoint City, Apr. 13, 2002.06: upgrade notice: The next version of will require the Flash 6 Player plug-in to be installed in order to view the site. Expected launch date TBA.

March 27: enters STASIS-mode. NO new submissions or Rogue Membership requests will be accepted during this period. Basically, a major site-redesign is underway (has been for a couple of weeks behind the scenes). The current site will remain online for now as is. Due to the scope of the update, no new updates will be posted until the whole-site revamp is prepared for launch. Expected release date: TBA. The only part of that may be updated will be the news and Water Tap section if there are any breaking soaker-related stories. - Leave NO one dry! - -
23: The Ultimate Super Soaker Fansite Compliment. Check this out!
Armoury Section : Max-D 2000 review posted.
20: SoakerNet Section : Submitted Reviews of the CPS 2100 and CPS 4100 posted.
20020316. Internet: Looks like the Aquatica Yahoo! Club has finally been converted into an Aquatica Yahoo! Group. ...too bad the Yahoo! Groups server appears to be down until Sunday...
20020308. Super Soaker® .com 2002 implies their existence. We have evidence! Take a look at these box sets of XP-class Super Soakers available in some areas.
06: SoakerNet Section : Submitted War Story posted in the War Journal.
05: Armoury Section : Submitted CPS 2500 review posted.
02: Armoury Section : CPS 2100 review posted. Submitted review of the CPS 2100 posted.

February 20020223: Internet. Super Soaker® .com 2002 official site to go live on February 27, 2002. Ready for the next soaker wave?
23: Armoury Section : Backpack Blaster comparison page added to the Tech section.
Elite Section : Directory updated.
20: SoakerNet : New page added in the SoakerNet Tactics section.
14: SoakerNet : New page added in the War Journal: For the Love of Soakers... just in time for Valentine's Day! *HAH*
12: Main Section : New Splash Flash movie created... try reloading this page a few times and see what happens.
20020206:Internet. Super Soaker® .com 2002 official site nearing completion (finally!) More information to come soon.
06: Tips and Tactics Section : Individual Offense Tips expanded.
Elite Section : New Elite Tactical Situation posted.
20020203:Internet. Hydrosphere Community collapse occured on February 2, 2002 at 4:33 EST. Links to Hydrosphere being removed from links pages.
01: Armoury and Elite Section : Concept page updated (in the Tech Research section).

January 30: Armoury Section : Cannon comparison article added to the Tech Research section of The Armoury.
20020128: iSoaker Rogues. Rogue Directory pages edited and updated.
23: SoakerNet Section : Links page further updated with more site information at a glance.
20020122: Super Soaker® .com. While the 2002 site is not up, it is definitely being worked on and will hopefully be up within a week or so.
22: SoakerNet Section : Links pages undergoing changes. More changes to that section currently being worked on.
19: Armoury Section : Piston Pressure Series section added alongside Air Pressure Series and CPS Pressure Series sections. Navigation bar enhanced site-wide. Site Index page added. SS200:Original and PS:Mighty Cannon reviews posted.
12: Armoury Section : Arsenal expanded to include an SS200 and a PS: Mighty Cannon. Review on the SS200 coming soon. Nozzle Selector Adjusting repair added to the Repair section.
20020108: Yahoo! Club Access. Yesterday's troubles appear to have disappeared, at least for the time being. Hopefully, during the transition from Clubs to Groups, there won't be too many unexpected downtimes.
20020107: Yahoo! Club Access Troubles. It appears that ALL Yahoo! clubs are currently inaccessible. This may be due to their attempt to convert all Clubs into Groups. With some luck, either the Clubs or the Groups will become available soon.
03: Elite Section : Rogue Scenario VI posted.
20020102: Rogue Membership Verification. In order to simplify information distribution, ALL Rogue Members must be members of the iSoaker Rogue Yahoo! Club. If you are a Rogue Member previously accepted and are not in the club, please send an email before the end of the month (Jan. 31, 2002) with your valid Yahoo! ID so that your alias can be added. Otherwise, while your membership will not be terminated per se, your membership entry will be removed from the iSoaker Rogue Directory and you will be missing out on any new Rogue developments discussed in the forum.
02: From submissions: SoakerNet Tips on Leaders and Leading posted.
20020101: Applications to the iSoaker Rogue group reopened. See the Elite section for information on how to apply. In other news, the 2002 website is currently underdevelopment and is slated for a release later this month.
01: From submissions: Painted CPS2500 with modified strap images and comments posted.
01: overhaul... many changes... go exploring.
Soak on! Leave NO one dry!

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