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Information News Archive - 1999

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December29: New Super Soakers(tm) release date coming soon. Go to the Aquatica Yahoo Club for some tantalizing rumours.
20: Welcome to the NEW Aquatechnology.
4: Update launch date moved up to 12.20.1999.

November25: Updates continue offline. Colder Fall and Winter months result in infrequent postings. However, this site is FAR from forgotten.
7: Official announcement. Aquatechnology to reveal a major site upgrade on 01.01.2000. More information as it becomes available.
3: Another Water Game type added. See Tips and Tactics page.  

October 26: Aquatechnology is featured in Netscape What's Cool? site. Counter explosion... ;
23: More Water Game types added. See Tips and Tactics page.
17: Minor editing done to some Flash files.;
9: XXP 275 review posted. See The Armoury. Training Guide - Part 17 added(Topic: Group Attacks);
3: The Armoury and Tips and Tactics pages redone using Flash.
2: What's New? page redone using Flash. Site continuing to evolve. ;
1: COMPLETE SITE REFORMAT/EDITING. All pages edited. Everything from new Flash movies replacing many older graphics to re-writes of weaponry/tactical information to new pages and more! No stone left unturned!  

September 23: Aquatica Webring generated (again thanx to SSW). If you have a Super Soaker (or any other respectable water weapon) website, feel free to apply.
22: Aquatica (Yahoo Club) formed. Special thanx goes out to SuperSoakerWarrior of AquaNexus (co-founder).
14: Tentative site launch date set at 10/01/99.
8: Updates to the site continue offline. Nothing major to report in the Super Soaker world. BTW, thanks to those who emailed me giving some suggestions about how this site could improve. Still debating when the new site will be launched.

August 31: END OF SEASON?! Summer dwindles to a close... soon (at least up here) leaves will start to fall and snow will bury everything in sight. As such, Aquatechnology will be going into a pseudo-hibernation. This is not to say that there will be no new updates. However, updates will definitely not be as frequent and no major changes expected until next year. However, this site will be undergoing some major enhancements. All weaponry descriptions will be revised such that comparing weaponry will be simpler. Also, a lot more animations (i.e. Flash) will be used. Stay tuned...
28, 1999.: Links updated. Shrubs added to Battle Grounds.
i)Formations and Formations:Part II edited.(Flash files used to replace previous .GIF files to shrink file sizes.);
ii)SS50: Classic Series review added;
iii)All weapons-review pages edited. (Easier bottom-of-the-page navigation.);
iv)Links page updated. (Many smaller Super Soaker® sites added.);
v)Lil' Squirts review added;
vi)Ranges determined for most of the water weaponry. (Many thanks to my girlfriend who helped me measure the ranges. Took a mere 1.5 hours...!!!)
19: Water Sprinkler use added. Pool Pumper Blaster review added.
16: New Splash-Flash image for the main page made. (Couldn't you tell?)
14: The Armoury page layout edited. Each Super Soaker® series given a separate pull-down menu for ease of navigation. Water hose use added.
12: SS:Naboo Pistol and SS:Queen Amidala Pistol reviewed. (Both water weapons found on sale at a games store.)
10: XP 90 and SS:Battle Droid Rifle reservoir volumes determined. Spelling mistakes on some pages corrected.
8: Battle Grounds updated.
1: Battle Grounds looked at in more detail.  

July 25: Star Wars: Battle Droid Rifle Super Soaker reviewed.
22: At-Night Firefights - Part II posted.
17: War Journal updated.
14: XP 65 review posted. War Journal updated. Also realized that the Mini-XP page was not uploaded properly. (DOH!) Fixed now.
13: Mini-XP Series review posted. Training Guide - Part XV posted.
7: Training Guide - Part XII, Part XIII and Part XIV posted. Links updated.
3: Training Guide - Part IX, Part X and Part XI posted. XP 90:Pulse Fire review posted. War Journal updated.

June 28: Training Guide - Part VII and Part VIII posted. Another story added to the War Journal.
26: SS MDS review posted. War Journal updated. Links page updated. On another note, they say, "Imitation is the truest form of flattery." There are now a few other water weapon sites out there using a format and sometimes even pictures from this site on their own (some with... some without direct permission). I, personally, find it flattering and amusing in its own way. Just wanted to say "Thanx!" to all the fans of water weapons out there who have dropped a line my way to give suggestions on this site. Aquatechnology has definitely grown immensely from its original roots. (At the time of this posting, Aquatechnology occupied 986kb on the server spread over 126 different files! 21 different Super Soakers (tm) have been reviewed and there are 25 various pages in the Tips and Tactics section.)
23: War Journal updated. Tips and Tactics page edited.
22: Waterwar Game Types - Part II posted. Water weapon usage pages reorganized based on technology as opposed to weapon class. (See: Tips and Tactics)
20: SS 30 review posted. Weapon combinations updated. FAQ updated. War Journal section added.
19: Waterwar Game Types posted. Granted, there are more variations than those listed, but its an intro, not an ending. Some minor corrections done to pages.
13: SC 400 Cross-Section posted. Filling Stations ideas posted. SS50:10th Year Anniversary Edition, SS 100 and XP 150 reviews posted.
9: Fairly extensive site updates. XP 20 and XXP 175 reviews added. Links edited and updated. (Old sites not updated for nearly a year removed from list.) Training Guide: Part VI posted. F.A.Q. updated. Formations: Part II posted. One of my SC 400s developed a hairline crack where the water reservoir connects to the weapon. The broken weapon was opened for repairs. Pictures of opened SC 400 to be posted soon. Not sure why Larami chose to use this type of water reservoir as opposed to the style used on the XP 20 or XP 40.
5: Side menu redesigned. (Smaller file -- quicker load.) More on Shielding posted. XP 40 review added. Training Guide: Part V posted.
1: Training Guide: Part IV and Target Practice posted. F.A.Q. section added.

May 30: Training Guide: Part III posted. Some penetration values determined for weaponry(It's about time!) A note added in for the CPS 1500 review. A LOT of typos now edited. (Thankfully, no one has complained... or even noticed? *smirk*)
27: Training Guide: Part II posted. Links updated.
26: Water Balloon Use Tips added. Links page updated (Some sites have changed names). New Section: Water Warrior Training Guide: Part I posted.
23: Added firing chamber capacity and pump volumes for XP 70 and XP 110. Ambush and Alarms/Booby-Traps tips sections added. Detailing ideas added to Painting.
22: Bought an XP 70 and XP 110. Reviews added. Reconnaissance tips added to Tips and Tactics.
19: Two sections added to Tips and Tactics: tips on ammunition and group formations. Links page updated.
17: Weapon-combinations added to The Armoury. Saw the StarWars Super Soakers(tm) at a local Toys'R'Us. Those things are small! (All three smaller than the SC 400) Decided against purchasing... perhaps they're "cute" to show-off, but do not look very useful for any true water wars. Links page updated and short site descriptions added.
16: Weapon descriptions edited. Bought a SC400 and SC Power Pak(?!). Now I have the full SC-series. Reviews of each added and Overview pages updated. Nozzle modification page added but more to come for that page.
13: Modified weapon-description pages for easier navigation. Overview and Armoury updated to match. Splash page also modified.
11: Bought a SC500(?!) Didn't think I would... guess I'm obsessed. SC500-description page added. Pictures of all weapons added, too.
9: Feedback section added to Links page.
8: Pump volumes determined for each water blaster listed. Tips page format edited.
4: Pictures of water weapons edited. Water balloon short description added.
2: Subpage header graphics applied to related pages. New, smaller images used for weapon pics. Site undergoing re-styling. New look for 1999.
1: New page headers for the four main subpages: What's New?, The Armoury, Tips and Tactics, and Links. 

April 30: Updating Armoury a bit. Added a new section to modifications.
29: Updating Armoury a bit. Added SS50 page. ...still need to take pictures of some of the weapons.
20: Just got my hands on a SC600 Super Soaker. Not bad... not bad at all...
2: Page back up. Still have been unable to find new Super Soakers in stores, but the season has just begun.

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