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December 24: Rogue Report V01 I02 now available. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the file.
09: Submitted reviews of the CPS1700 and CPS2000 posted.
20011209: Recently contacted by the daughter of the co-inventor of the Super Soaker® via email. Turns out that Mr. Lonnie Johnson got a good deal of help from Mr. Bruce D'Andrade in turning his original concept into the blaster we now know as the Super Soaker®. Read more in the newly updated Super Soaker® History page.
08: overhaul (Early Holiday Treat from Me to You!). No major layout or style changes, but many changes nevertheless. Major Site Changes: Armoury re-organized to Air Pressure Series, CPS Pressure Series, and Other instead of the previous SS Series, XP Series, CPS Series, Monster Series and Other. Tips and Tactics section further advanced with some lost sections re-added and new information on various pages. iSoaker World is now known as iSoaker WaterNet. The WaterNet section houses the Image Gallery, submitted Tips and Tactics, The War Journal, and related site links. Lesser Site Tweaks: Splash Flash movie changed. Graphics on various Flash menus enhanced. Other various site graphics cleaned and reduced in file-size. File system clean-up of directories. Navigation thread changed to "." separators instead of "|" separators.
One key thing to note is that this update is NOT the end, but rather the beginning of the series of updates planned for Re-organization of the files are not apparent much to the visitor, but greatly affect the ease of updating for myself. In the coming weeks, the content of will be enhanced and enlargened. Focus will primarily be on the Tips and Tactics section as well as the Elite section. Reviews on 2002 Soakers will be posted once I have blasters to review (go fig'). The WaterNet section development will be dependant mainly on interest and submissions.
Last but not least, more information on 2002 Soakers now available. See what's new for 2002.
Soak on! Leave NO one dry!

November 19: WaterNet goes live. See the WaterNet Member Site banner.
20011114: iSoaker Rogue Report V01 I01 available! You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF file.
20011112: iSoaker Rogue Report - a downloadable newsletter produced here at, to be available for download soon!

October 20: SS300 review posted. Apart from some Elite section developments planned, the bulk of will not be updated online for the rest of the year while the site is worked on offline to prepare for the next generation of soakers.
15: New additions to arsenal: 2 SS300s, 1 CPS1000 keychain, 1 CPS2500 keychain. Review on the SS300 to come soon.
20011006: Applications to the iSoaker Rogue group will be suspended for the time being. An announcement will be made at a later date when applications to become a iSoaker Rogue member will be accepted.

September 16: New Rogue Scenario posted (See iSoaker Elite: Rogue Tactics). Submitted review of the XP310 posted (See The Armoury: XP Series:XP310).
11: Prayers from us here at go out to any and all those who have friends/family affected by the sickening terrorist attacks in the United States.
08: Old Intro uploaded just to remember some of the past here at
06: Links page updated (See World: Related Sites).
20010903: September arrives, meaning that will be going into "off-season" mode. This does not mean there will be no updates. However, updates will be less frequent as larger changes to the site are experimented with offline in order to prepare the site for the next soaker season!
03: New War Story posted (See World: The War Journal).

August 19: New CPS Valve Repair instructions posted (See Armoury: Repair).
20010815: To assist with troubleshooting at Aquatica, I have accepted an offer by SuperSoakerWarrior (Founder of Aquatica) to be a co-Founder of their main Yahoo! club board until a new co-Founder is chosen.
14: Links page updated. SS40 review received and posted.
06: World News section combined with iSoaker Water Tap (not like there was any World news to report recently, anyhow). Public iSoaker Forum activated (See: World). Elite pages tweaked. Elite Intro movie removed.
01: Elite Tactic Scenario IV posted (See: Elite: Tactics)

July 31: Some pages tweaked. Rogue Application Procedure altered slightly (See: Elite).
21: New Elite Tactic Scenario posted (See: Elite: Tactics)
19: Links page updated.
20010715:From busy to lighter traffic levels. Mid-July represents the mid-point in the soaking season in the Northern Hemisphere. Based on past trends, mid-July also is the standard time when people tend to be busier using soakers than reading about them. Soak on!
14: counter removed from main page since that counting service is no longer freely available.
07: Water blaster primer posted (See: Tips: Water Weaponry Tips: General Tips)
20010704: is cited as a follow up link to an article on on water blasters. This fact explains a dramatic increase in site traffic.
04: New war story posted (See: The War Journal). Submitted reviews of the CPS3200 and Monster X posted (See: The War Journal).
02: New war story posted (See: The War Journal).

June 20010628: Super Soaker® .com releases next issue of the Reservoir. Current issue: The CPS 1-3-5.
26: New war story posted (See: The War Journal).
22: Elite Tactics section launched (See: Elite section). New War Story posted (See: The War Journal).
18: Site conversion continues.
20010617: Due to a wide variety of circumstances, I have chosen to step down as Founder of the Aquatica Club, leaving full control of the club in the hands of Nick L. (a.k.a. SuperSoakerWarrior).
17: I have chosen to step down as a Founder of the Aquatica Club. However, this site will continue to remain a member of the Aquatica Webring.
16: Links page updated. New war story added (See: The War Journal).
20010614: The Aquatica Club has been undergoing various growing pains. The Aquatica Newletter (Vol. 2, Issue 2) is still slated for release on Friday. Time will tell how various events evolve.
10: iSoaker Rogue Member listed declassified (See: Elite section for more information). New war story posted in the War Journal (See: The War Journal). Submitted review of the SS100:Original received by email and posted (See: The War Journal).
06: Submitted review of the XP310 received by email and posted (See: The War Journal).
20010601: The Aquatica Newsletter (Vol. 2, Issue 1) sent to the Aquatica Mailing list.

May20010528: The iSoaker Rogue Group membership drive has begun. The Rogue Group is comprised of dedicated individuals who love the fun and art of water warfare. See the Elite section for more details about joining.
26: Links page updated.
20010525: The Super Soaker® .com summer contest begins! is giving away several blasters over the coming weeks. The Grand Prize is winning all 10 major Supersoakers(tm) of the 2001 line! (See for more details)
25: Quick Links column added to main page.
24: Submitted reviews of the XP270 and the Monster (2001) edition received by email and posted. (See: The War Journal)
22: iSoaker Rogues concept launched. See the iSoaker Elite section for more details.
20010521: The Water Tap column is dedicated to providing as much information about what is going on at various organizations such as Aquatica,, Larami Ltd./
First news from the "Tap", has updated their first issue of the Reservoir with a new Flash movie detailing the Monster's (2001) nozzles. There is also a rumour regarding the Super Soaker® .com summer contests. It is currently believed that the contest will begin next week, but specific details regarding the contest are still sketchy at this time.
21: Game Types page updated. Splashzooka Review posted. Also, ranges determined for the XP215, XP Backfire, XP Triple Play, CPS 1-3-5, CPS Splashzooka, Monster (2001), Monster X and Monster XL. Also new to iSoaker, the right side of the news column (a.k.a. the Water Tap).
18: Monster (2001) review updated/enhanced. Submitted reviews of the SS300 and the XP220 posted.
14: Offensive Group Formations: Advanced page launched with some preliminary ideas for advanced water warfare tactics (See Tips and Tactics section). As new formations are described, this section will be expanded. A submitted review of the CPS1500 is also posted.
08: Newly detailed site launched! If you don't have Flash 5.0 or above, this site will not be fully accessible. (Apologies to those without Flash, but... well... oh well...) Many NEW developments planned for Summer: 2001. Stay tuned. Other additions to note: XP Triple Play reviewed. CPS Splashzooka review submitted by email and posted. Two new war stories added:Ambush Alley and Florida Renaissance Festival Water War - 2001.

April 30: Links page edited. Working on some site upgrades offline as well as some interesting Flash experiments. In other news, the weather has been warmer in these Northern climates (sorry to those in the Southern Hemisphere). Soaker season is basically here!
21: iSoaker Forum (Yahoo! club) closed down. The club was not closed down for lack of interest, rather so that energy can be focused into other areas of iSoaker. Besides, the Aquatica Yahoo! Club is running stronger than ever!
15: Easter Egg hunt! Instead of just telling what pages are new/updated, I'll let you explore the site. Cosmetic changes done on some pages (i.e. this page) will not be considered as noteworthy changes, but content-updated pages will be tagged with an Easter-Egg image! I'll disclose the newly formatted pages later, but for now, enjoy the hunt! ...if you're good... you'll find 5 eggs...

Easter Eggs:

  • CPS 1-3-5 review (See The Armoury)
  • XP Backfire review (See The Armoury)
  • Concept page updated. (See The Armoury:Tech:Concepts)
  • XP Triple Play review submitted to and posted.
  • New War Story posted (See World:War Journal)

07: Newest games-idea post edited. Review for the original SS 30 submitted and posted.
05: Storm: Tsunami Balls review posted. (See The Armoury:Other) New Game type added. (See Tips and Tactics:Game Types) Water Balloon Use tip added. (See Tips and Tactics:Water Balloon Use)
02: Monster (2001) and CPS 1-3-5 added to blasters that can be purchased through
01: Related Links updated.

March 22: Various pages of edited to fix some spelling/grammar. Don't forget to sign the Guestbook!
21: To push the design of the site while streamlining the navigational interface, reducing the total number of files, and simplifying site maintenance, the new site is born! is released this day to coincide with the Aquatica Launch of the Aquatica Elite project. Every page on this site has been updated! Things to note:

The text-version and Flash version of iSoaker have been recombined to lower the total site file size as well as to simplify my job of site updating;

For non-Flash enabled browsers, a graphic with an image map has been used as the new title/navigation header site-wide so that browsers with and without Flash 5.0 player installed can still view top menu on inner pages. This also means that many pages can now be completely viewed without Flash 5.0 player. As well, text links to all relevant pages in each section (except inner parts of the Elite section) are provided at the bottom of every page to give non-Flash-using visitors the ability to navigate. The more-stylish navigation panels are done in Flash;

Flash 5.0 player is still highly recommended to view, especially detailed reviews and certain Tips and Tactics pages. Most Flash movies simply cannot be converted into still images without losing their meaning. New Flash-based images and navigational menus designed for the main page and major subsections (i.e. The Armoury). Newly created collage artwork used as backgrounds to various Flash-based menus (it just looks nicer IMHO);

All detailed blaster reviews have been updated with a Blaster Details done in Flash and the bulk of the review listed as text below. Those who do not have Flash will still be able to read the review and see the statistics, but will not be able to see the Blaster Details movie;

All major sections have been reorganized with respect to their content, especially The Armoury and the Tips and Tactics sections. The SuperCharger subcategory has been removed. This was done to follow Larami Ltd's choice to discontinue the line and make SuperCharging an ability as opposed to a series. The "SC" named blasters have been divided into the CPS and XP categories based on whether they used air or CPS-tech to pressurize water. Certain tips and tactics have been rearranged into Defence and Offense for Individuals or Groups; and

New blaster reviews added: XP215, 2001 Monster, Nerf Switch Shots Super, Nerf Switch Shots Ultra, and a World Review of the XP270

01: Updated design released. General changes done throughout the site including updated blaster reviews and more streamlined Flash movie design. However, it should be pointed out that this version marks merely a Spring 2001 upgrade. A more extensive update is already underway off-line. Once complete, it will be launched without pre-release hype. Leave NO one dry!

January 29: It should be noted that unless there are submissions, there will be no major updates posted for a little while. This is due to iSoaker awaiting the arrival of the 2001 Super Soaker line here for review. As well, is being heavily updated offline. This update will be launched at some later time point. For now, please note that the iSoaker Exchange section will be phased out in the new site, thus no more exchange submissions will be accepted. Keep an eye out for changes coming soon. Leave NO one dry!
21: Continuing refinement of pages... Don't forget to sign the guestbook!
14: While striving to make the site more uniform in look and feel, various submenus have been altered.
11: World Tech Research idea posted.
08: Site links updated in the iSoaker World sections.
07: New information posted on 2001 Super Soakers® (tm). See new pages.
01: wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year! More information on the 2001 Super Soakers® will be made available soon...

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