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Information News Archive - 2008

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December24: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Bonus: Water Warriors Aqua Pulse - Pulse Blaster review posted! Enjoy!
10: Water Warriors Aqua Pulse - Pulse Master review posted.
8: Article on the Water Warriors (2009) Aqua Pulse Series by Buzz Bee Toys Inc. posted.

October20: Submitted images of the mid-size blaster from the Water Warriors Pulse Series: Water Warriors Pulse Strike.
17: Looks like Australia got a gift this year; they now have 2009 Water Warriors water blaster models available in stores! See for more information on the spring-based Pulse Blaster series. The new line includes the PulseMaster, PulseStrike, and PulseBlaster.
7: Submitted war story posted: Last Battle of the Season - Soakfest!
1: Submiited pictures of a Speed Loader 1500 internals posted.

September20: Submitted pictures from a Super Soaker CPS2000 box added to the Armoury Gallery.
17: Submitted reviews of the Super Soaker Sneak Attack, Water Warriors Black Widow, and Super Soaker CPS1000.
2: Site tweaking. Edits made to several pages across the site.

August19: Mizumi: Shubi review posted.
5: Water Warfare Scenarios section goes online.
2: Multiple pages site-wide tweaked for better interconnection with other sections on the site.
1: Submitted reviews posted for the Super Soaker SS100, Super Soaker Max-D 2000, and Super Soaker Bottle Shot,

July31: New team registry pages posted: Team Anderson and First Person Warriors.
18: Happy Birthday! (While technically, the URL was registered in 2000, making the URL only ~8 years old, the start of this site, known as Aquatechnology, began back on July 18, 2008.)
17: Submitted reviews on the Super Soaker Max-D6000 and Super Soaker AquaShock Secret Strike posted.
9: Internal pictures of the Water Warriors Tarantula posted.
7: Submitted reviews posted for the Super Soaker SS 100 and Super Soaker Max-D 5000.
6: Submitted team game idea posted: Team Collection.
4: Happy Independence Day!

Looks like Gizmodo liked our new Super Soaker Product Evolution Tree. Of course, there is also the new Water Warriors Product Evolution Tree, but the majority are still much more familiar with the Super Soaker brand. Gizmodo also did their Ultimate Water Gun Battlemodo Royale, testing various water blasters currently on the market (Sidenote: though amusing, still recommends against face shot pain-o-meters... unless you've got a truly willing victim volunteer.)
New water warfare team added to the Registry: The Flooders of Toronto.
3: Submitted, award winning Water Warriors Tiger Shark review posted.
2: New wallpaper posted.

Rogue Report V03 I02 released.
FFA - Second Battle of Southridge submitted battle report posted.

June30: Two water warfare teams added to the Registry: Team: Fear and Team: Ghosts.
28: War with the Grads battle report posted.
27: Aquatic Soaking Squad vs. Mizukage Tactical Unit battle report posted.
26: Super Soaker Hydro Blitz internal pictures posted.
25: Wild Water Weapons Speed Loader 1000 internal pictures posted.
23: iSoakin' Happy Hour Squirt Pistol Free-For-All posted.
22: Submitted Super Soaker Splashfire review posted.
21: Super Soaker Arctic Blast internal pictures posted.
19: Power Soaker Pumper II review posted.
17: Super Soaker AquaShock Secret Strike internal pictures posted.
16: Submitted Super Soaker CPS4100 Trigger repair and Pump Handle Reinforcement articles posted.
15: New submitted game type posted: Control the World.
14: Super Soaker Quick Blast internal pictures posted.
10: Coding error found on the Online Review Submission Form and Online Article Submission Form. Unfortunately, if anyone had used these forms between June 2-9, 2008, while the form reported success, the forms actually did not properly process. If you submitted something during these days, please re-submit them. Sorry for any inconvenience!
9: Water Warriors Air Pressure Product Evolution Tree and Water Warriors Hydro Power Product Evolution Tree posted.
8: Super Soaker Air Pressure Product Evolution Tree and Super Soaker Elastic / CPS Pressure Product Evolution Tree posted.
7: Buy Online page updated.
5: Players Tactics: Intermediate article posted.
4: Tidying up loose ends: with the wholly reformatted site online, a few minor bugs have been found or were pointed out and should now be corrected. As well, some other sections are in the process of being fixed up (i.e. the Water Blaster / Water Gun Series Listing page). All-in-all, the update has gone much more smoothly than initially anticipated and we are happy to be able to share the fruits of our labor over half-a-year ahead of initially thought! Soak on!
3: Welcome again! sitewide update goes live! See the History: page for more info about the update.

May31: Submitted Armoury pictures posted.
28: Submitted battle report posted: HydroBrawl Water Warfare 05/17/08 @ 14:00.
22: Submitted review on the Super Soaker Max-D 6000 posted.
21: History of the Water Warriors Line article posted.
14: Submitted reviews on the Super Soaker Monster X, Super Soaker XP215, and the Water Warriors Cricket posted.
12: Super Soaker Bottle Shot review posted. Submitted review on the Bottle Shot also posted.

April21: Water Warriors Shark review posted.
19: Submitted Armoury pictures added to the mySoaker Gallery.
14: History of the Super Soaker article updated.
12: Super Soaker Quick Blast review posted.
8: Water Warriors M16 review posted.
5: iSoakin' The World: two new locations added (Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and Puerto Penasco, Mexico)
3: Water Warriors Power Squirt review posted.

March31: Water Warriors Hydro-Blast review posted.
29 Water Warriors Avenger review posted.
28: Submitted reviews on the Water Warriors Gremlin and Super Soaker Sneak Attack posted.
26: New downloadables available on the Wallpapers page.
21: Spring site update! Updates include:
- new non-Flash navigational header
- navigational Flash-based footer
- Rogue Report V03 I01 released
14: Submitted pictures of a Boxed CPS2500 posted.
11: Submitted article: Tactics: Bases posted.
8: Two new Wallpapers added to the Downloads section.
6: Submitted pictures of a Boxed Monster X (2002 edition) posted.

February27: Breakthrough: Meeting with Buzz Bee Toys Inc. article posted.
23: Submitted Tactic: Ambush posted.
22: Submitted review on the Super Soaker Flash Flood posted.
16: Dream Battle Grounds suggestions and ideas posted.
15: Water Warfare Theme Songs suggestions posted (based on a thread from the forums)
5:A few battle reports from last year now reposted: Tundra Fury Awakened, Deception, Part One: Sore Loser / Part Two: Wet Behind The... Everything
4: Some boxed shots of the Aqua Squirtz Surf Speedster uploaded. Short review on it coming soon.
3: The Ikonboard Forums are now in stasis mode. Welcome to the age of!

January28: New online Registry Submission forms available for use. See the Registry Submission page for more information.
20: Info and images from the 2008 Water Warriors line by Buzz Bee Toys Inc. posted! Submitted Gangster-Style soaking pictures added to The Galleries.
14: The Galleries @ cleaned up a bit. Submitted Armoury picture added to The Galleries. Submitted review on the Super Soaker Flash Flood posted.
12: Soakin' in Winter 2008 Gallery posted.
10: Water Warfare pictures from Buenos Aires, Argentina posted into the Gallery.
6: A couple of submitted pictures posted into the Gallery.
1: Happy New Year, 2008!

Some new additions to the site including partial reviews on the Discovery Kids Hydro Storm soaker and W3 Speed Loader 1000 as well as a full review on the X-Stream APS Tank Jr.

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