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Image Gallery - iSoakin' Happy Hour Squirt Pistol Free-For-All .:

After nearly a week of record-high temperatures (>30C / 90F), the end of the week could not have arrived any sooner. The department were I work holds a "Happy Hour" event every Friday at 5pm as an end-of-the-week break time where drinks are provided and food is supplied by different groups. Happy Hour is generally a social event, but typically groups mostly mingle amongst themselves while eating and drinking. There is some group cross-talk, but it is mostly time for a short break at work before the start of the weekend. However, being summer and having had a week of record heat, I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to see if I could get a water fight started. At worst, we would have a small skirmish amongst those I knew, but the potential for something greater reinforced my excitement.

Preparation: ~50-60 Water Warriors Kwik Grip blasters were acquired for distribution and use. Colleagues helped pre-fill these small water blasters for immediate pick-up-and-use if desired. Besides, it is much easier to convince someone to use something if it is already primed to be used. Two large water containers were also filled with clean water to be used for refilling. The department supplied drinks while our group ordered assorted pizza from Dominos Pizza for the end-of-the-week "Happy Hour" event. All materials were wheeled outside to a private courtyard just outside the building.

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All-in-all, a very fun and well received Happy Hour activity. Despite being Friday, the 13th, luck was still on our side as fun prevailed (despite one minor incident at the beginning; some just don't appreciate being targetted somedays). As previous Happy Hour events were more along the lines of grab food and drink, eat, chat, and go within ~30 minutes, this one had people hanging out, soaking each other for the full hour, being a truly *happy* hour for some. Hopefully, as Happy Hour continues throughout the summer months, this shall mark the first, not last, random water war at work!

Soak on!

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