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Stories Deception

By: Gold Hawk

Players: Myself, Diamond Hawk, and Silver Hawk

I had just bought a Tiger Shark and my brother Silver Hawk had bought a Sneak Attack, so we decided to have a fight.

Type: Free for all 3 way duel


Me: Tiger Shark
Silver Hawk: Sneak Attack with 100oz aqua pack
Diamond Hawk: Helix with 50oz aqua pack

We started in different areas of my yard. I started on the back porch and made my way toward where my brother was, near the hose, thinking I could force him away and secure the area. Unfortunetly he had his own plans. I continued to make my way toward the hose and got to about 15 feet away when all of a sudden both Silver and Diamond jumped out from behind the bushes in my front yard and opened fire. I shot Silver in the chest with the medium stream from the Tiger Shark and he recoiled from the blast. Diamond however, continued blasting me with the tight stream from the Helix. A shot to the face with the large stream ended his assault for long enough for me to retreat to a more defendable position. They didn't give chase which I took to be a sign that they were going around the other way around my house. So I decided to take them by surprise and cut them off. I made my way up the path on the not driveway side of my house and got to the sidewalk. I carefully looked around the bushes and they weren't there. I started to return to the back porch when I heard them on the other side of the house on the driveway heading toward the back. I decided to launch another coup to secure the hose. I got to the hose and waited. After about 10 seconds I remembered that I had to refill my gun. So I turned on the hose and filled it up. I pumped it to full pressure and went back to the side path. I got to the sidewalk when I heard something behind me. I turned and found my self staring down the barrels of a Helix and a Sneak Attack. Really they were about 15 feet away but I was still startled. Diamond opened fire on me with the Helix and I returned fire. Silver however just watched. I wondered what he was waiting for then it dawned on me: he was waiting for me to get the advantage so he could shoot Diamond and fight on my side. As soon as this thought crossed my mind, Silver Hawk aimed his gun at me. I prepared to dodge but it didn't matter because a second later a stream of water left the gun and hit...Diamond! Silver had put the sideways nozzel on his Sneak Attack to good use. He continued blasting Diamond with it while I drenched Diamond with a large stream of water. Diamond surrendered and my brother and I declared a truce. after that we ran around in the sprinkler.

Results: Diamond Hawk surrendered, and my brother and I declared a truce

Posted: 20080703

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