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.: Statistics measured at



Manufacturer: Hasbro Inc.

Class:  Elastic - Bladder

  Item Number: C129D
  Copyright Date / Release Date: 2004 / 2005
  Patents: 6631830, 6540108, 6446837, 6193107, 6012609, 5906295
  Availability: No Longer Made


Basic Statistics ::

  Weight: 1070.00 g (37.81 oz.)
  Reservoir Volume: 1170.00 mL (39 fl.oz.)
  Pressure Chamber Volume: 350.00 mL (11.67 fl.oz.)
  Pump Volume: 23 mL (0.77 fl.oz.) Ratings .:

Power: 56

Range: 85

Encumbrance: 55

Ergonomics: 85

Capacity: 60

Overall: 90

Blaster Dimensions :: 40.0 cm (15.75 ") x 8.0 cm (3.15 ") x 32.0 cm (12.6 ")

Length x Width x Height

Version Colours .:



Pressure Chamber



1 ::

Black / Orange

2 ::

Max-Infusion Verion

3 ::

Black / Orange
Colour Variant Sharper Image

Nozzle Information: 2 (Main and "Flood") .:


Range (level)

Range (45°)


iSoaker Output Rating

iSoaker Power Rating

Shot Time

Main ::

7.5 m (24.61')

10.5 m (34.45')

45.0 mL/s (1.5 oz./s)



8.0 s

Flash Flood Nozzle ::

6.5 m (21.33')

11.0 m (36.09')

350.0 mL/s (11.67 oz./s)



1.0 s


  • Most statistics are from models tested by; individual performance may vary; some models exhibit greater variability than others (i.e. output, range, colours, etc.)
  • Please reference if you use any information from any part of this website.

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The Super Soaker SoakerTag Elite: Flash Flood is the second largest of the 2005 SoakerTag Elite line. It is also the first soaker to feature a full-time riot-blast-type nozzle powered by a CPS-chamber as opposed to a shower-head or fan-type setting on a nozzle-selector valve. The general size, shape, and design-paradigm of the blaster is similar to the Max-D Secret Strike, though it produces a better standard stream and unleashes a much more potent blast of water from its 'Flash Flood' nozzle.

The Blaster ::

SuperSoaker flashflood_03_1024tbNozzle / Firing Chamber ::

The Flash Flood features two nozzle: the stream nozzle and the 'Flash Flood' nozzle (the 'Flash Flood' nozzle is mounted above the stream nozzle as can be seen in the picture to the left). Both nozzles are powered by the shared CPS cylindical pressure chamber positioned just behind the 'Flash Flood' nozzle. The firing chamber provides excellent power to either nozzle, feeding a good amount of water on a single charge.

The stream produced by the stream nozzle is nice and solid, though smaller than that produced by the Super Soaker SoakerTag Elite: Aquapack Devastator's main nozzle. On the other hand, the fury unleashed by the 'Flash Flood' nozzle is a sight to behold. Far from a coherent stream, the 'Flash Flood' blast spreads outwards, covering a wider area. While this decreases the maximum range of the 'Flash Flood' stream, for close-quarters-combat, the Super Soaker SoakerTag Elite: Flash Flood is currently second-to-none when it comes to good power in a tight package.

The main shortcoming of the firing chamber is its lack of a pressure gauge. It would have been nice to have a firing chamber gauge similar to those seen on the Super Soaker CPS 4100 or Super Soaker CPS 2000/CPS 2500 soakers. This is, however, only a minor point of complaint and does not seriously reduce the user-friendliness of this soaker.

Pump ::

The pump for the Flash Flood feels solid with a stroke length roughly 20cm. The pump shaft is square, thus locking the pump-grip into a fixed angle. The pump grip's region is a little on the short size, but this does not serious affect performance. Unlike the Super Soaker SoakerTag Elite: Aquapack Devastator, the pump does not have any noticeable lag when pulling water from the reservoir. Pump volume is adequate, though could have been larger

SuperSoaker flashflood_14_1024tbTriggers / Grip ::

There are two trigger mechanisms on the Flash Flood: one for the stream nozzle and one for the 'Flash Flood' nozzle. The standard trigger and hang-grip area are nicely moulded and quite comfortable to hold. The grip region features some texturing for more security even when wet. Apparently based on the Max-D trigger valve system, the trigger needs to be pulled completed to release the stream; partial pulls will not open the nozzle at lesser widths. The resistance of the trigger is notably stiffer than on previous Max-D soakers, but perhaps this is due to the fact that these blasters are being targetted to a slightly older crowd with presumably stronger hands in general.

SuperSoaker flashflood_04_1024tbThe 'Flash Flood' nozzle trigger mechanism is actually the top-silver plastic area just above the nozzle, itself. This silver region is pulled back to unleash the blast from the large 'Flash Flood' nozzle, resulting in a decent kick-back from all the pressurized water being suddenly released. This trigger design prevents accidental activation of the 'Flash Flood' nozzle during regular soaker usage, but its position makes it more obvious when one is planning on using the large nozzle as one needs to place one's hand on the top of the blaster; while not quite awkward, the change of hand placement is not as convenient as a multi-functional trigger could have been.

SuperSoaker flashflood_06_1024tbThe Reservoir ::

Like the Max-D Secret Strike, the reservoir on the Flash Flood is mounted below the firing chamber and trigger-grip areas. Due to this design, the blaster has a very nice balance to it even when filled since the additional weight of water in the reservoir naturally keeps the blaster upright. The reservoir also holds a good amount of water for a blaster of this size.

The fill-port for the reservoir is nicely mounted on the rear-top portion of the reservoir. By doing so, the Flash Flood can be filled more completely from more shallow sinks/faucets than other soakers can. The reservoir cap does feature an improved Fast-Fill system as well, allowing for easy filling either by removing the cap fully or pressing down on the closed cap's center piece to open the orofice to allow filling of the reservoir.

Unfortunately, the opaque nature of the reservoir means determining fill level is not so easy. As well, since the reservoir is bottom-mounted, there is a fill tube threaded from the pump into the reservoir whose intake is near to the cap's opening. While it works well, intake tubes tend not to be able to fully use every last drop from the reservoir, but the remaining dead volume is not too great.

Overall ::

As a whole, the Super Soaker SoakerTag Elite: Flash Flood is an excellent, high-powered light soaker. The main nozzle provide a good, solid stream while the 'Flash Flood' nozzle can provide an added drenching blaster of water should the opportunity arise. While not recommended when facing Super Soaker CPS 1500 or larger blaster users, this soaker can definitely hold its own in the majority of water fights (and definitely all SoakerTag matches) out there.

Note: In 2006, the Flash Flood was rereleased, but altered slightly to make it compatible with the new Max-Infusion extension reservoirs. Performance of the newer Flash Floods are believed to be the same as the original, but the ability to increase reservoir volume is a definite plus.


Very comfortable and well-balanced. Good reservoir to firing chamber ratio. Solid main stream and particularly potent 'Flash Flood' blast nozzle when pressurized.


Main nozzle on the smaller side. Grip area may be limiting if one has particularly large hands. No pressure gauge or reservoir level indicators. No strap or clip making it hard to use an additional blaster simultaneously or as back-up.

:: Submitted Reviews

Name:Anthony P. | Posted 20090712

Manufacturer:Hasbro Inc.
Soaker Name: Flash Flood

I think this is one of the best Super Soakers I have owned and I have had many.  The flash Flood Nozzle is the best when you can sneak up behind someone and blast then without you knowing.

Also one thing I have not seen mentioned here is that I have 2 add-on shoulder packs (I wouldn't call it a back pack as it only has one strap) and they were only an extra $10 each.  This doubles the capacity of the gun and makes it all better.  The shoulder packs I believe would also work on any gun with a similar filling cap.


Lots of water with the use of external reservoir
Flash Flood nozzle drowns your victim
Large filling cap so you can use any water source


Flash Flood nozzle uses lots of water and reduces the amount of time between refills
Filling cap is sometimes hard to get off especially if your hands are wet
Requires a lot of pumps to get good pressure

Over all this is a great Squirt Gun even without the extra reservoir and I would recommend it to anyone!

By: "Bob" | Posted: 20080222

Manufacturer: Hasbro Inc. 
Soaker name: Super Soaker Flash Flood

Pressurization System: Elastic Pressure
Reservoir Capacity: 56 oz

Number of Nozzles: 1

Review: The Super Soaker Flash Flood is one of my favorite water guns. I like the balance and feel of the blaster--it's not that big, but it makes it easier to carry. Although the main nozzle is rather small, it has good pressure and the range is okay. The riot blast can really get someone drenched. It's great for ambushes when you can get up close without the target knowing it.

Some people just fill the bottom tank, which would be around 40 oz of water, but I like to fill up the bottom tank, pump it several times (which sends the water up to the upper tank), and then fill it up again, which gives you a little more water (Over 50 ounces).

The pump is average. It's slightly small, but the main problem I have with the pump is that you need to pump the Flash Flood too many times to get the right amount of pressure. The pump glides fairly smoothly, but pumping so many times means most of the time in battle you'll be pumping, not blasting. My solution to this problem is to find a safe place to pump and then go out when you're ready.

The nozzles are pretty good. The main nozzle I would recommend you use more often--the larger nozzle can drain your water supply in seconds and has very little range. The smaller nozzle has a lot of pressure (relatively) and it lasts quite a bit longer than the riot blast. As mentioned before, I prefer to use the riot blast as the "grand finale" in an ambush or maneuver. Both nozzles are good, however, and combined on a single blaster, they're excellent.

The trigger is smooth--I had a few problems with mine, but everything was okay. The Flash Flood is good when compared with other blasters 2005 and later, but it pales in comparison to the CPS 2000 and others of its series. I admit the water gun fights I participate in tend to have slightly less powerful guns so the Flash Flood is one of the best. It's medium-sized, slightly-above-medium powered, and medium-weight.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10 (I couldn't give any water gun a perfect score!)

By: noah | Posted: 20080114

Manufacturer: Hasbro Inc. 
Soaker name: Super Soaker Flash Flood

Number of Nozzles: 1

Review: This gun may look like your average post 2002 water gun but this thing will outsoak most CPS blasters with the exception of the CPS 2000 or higher. Although the main nozzle isn't powerful, it has a fairly good range perfect for sniping. The riot blast is insane. It has the twice the power of any mid CPS blaster. The only problem is that it is short range and it drains water fast [unless you have the backpack]. Overall, this gun can hold its ground against almost any gun except the high end CPSs.

By: Spectre | Posted: 20070603

Manufacturer: Hasbro
Soaker name: STE: Flash Flood
Number of Nozzles: 2

I just purchased and used this wonderful weapon for a soaker battle all in the same weekend! I would have to say that overall, this gun performed with phenomenal power.

When I first used the gun at my house, I realized that, indeed; the main nozzle was worthless. So, I drilled out the main nozzle, and it performed better.

For the battle, I used a Max Infusion Aquapack for some extra water. The gun's main stream worked well, but when there was more than one person that needed to get soaked, I would use the Flash Flood riot blast. For both rounds of capture the flag, our team was victorious; for the battle, the same.

I would have to say that this a great gun over-all, but if you are under heavy fire, it is useless unless there are some other high-powered guns. For a part of the battle, I was teamed up with a girl with another STW: Flash Flood. Several Times, we were under extremly heavy fire and could not combat it, the reason is that the gun requires many pumps to be effective to any extent. What we were doing is similar to a Suppress and Saturate maneuver.

Overall: 9/10

By: Duxburian | Posted: 20060811 | Edited by

This review is for the 2005 STE version of Flash Flood.

Stats: [Out of 10, 10 being high]
Range angled:
Flash Flood Nozzle: ~25-35ft [estimated]
Main Nozzle: ~35ft [measured]

Flash Flood Nozzle: ~350mL/s [calculated]
Main Nozzle: ~45mL/s [calculated]

Initial Stream Speed:
Flash Flood Nozzle: ~.04m/s [calculated]
Main Nozzle: ~6.37m/s [calculated]

Stream Speed to Max Range:
Flash Flood Nozzle: Unknown [Not yet measured]
Main Nozzle: Unknown [Not yet measured]

Shot Time:
Flash Flood Nozzle: ~1 second [timed]
Main Nozzle: 6-7 seconds [timed]

Reservoir Capacity: ~1.2 liters [Measured]

Pressure Chamber Capacity: ~350mL [Measured]

With an inexperienced user: 6-9
With an average user: 8-9
With a veteran user: 9-10

Against an inexperienced enemy: 7-9
Against an average enemy: 5-8
Against a veteran enemy: 0-3

Overall Power:
Against an air pressure gun: 7-9
Against a small CPS: 7-9
Against a medium CPS: 6-8
Against a large CPS: 5-8

Not original colouring

The 2005 Flash Flood is the closest thing to a CPS pistol you'll ever see. Its main gimmick is actually useful for once, a big riot blast. Ranges on both the riot blast and the main nozzle are ok for post-2002 guns, but terrible against many other CPS guns, modded guns, and homemades. Output is good on the "Flash Flood" nozzle, with the main virtually useless. You're not going to get many kills with such a small nozzle.


The nozzles are a 1.5x and an 11.67x. They look deceptively larger, but they really aren't. The main nozzle is operated via pulling the normal trigger, while the Flash Flood nozzle has its own trigger mechanism. The riot blast on the Flash Flood is somewhat unique. It really spreads, which reduces range, but gets the water around. Most riot blasts have a more solid stream. This one is useful if you want to go for multiple enemies, just watch the range. Chances are that you won't hit them simply due to bad range.


Pressure Chamber:
The Flash Flood uses Constant Pressure technology. The pressure chamber is located at the top of the gun, behind the Flash Flood nozzle's "trigger". The pc is cylindrical.


The Flash Flood reservoir is fairly small. It is basically the whole bottom of the gun. The reservoir has a large filling cap, which allows one to fill the gun quickly. That is a nice improvement over past guns' caps.


The pump of this gun is non-tracked and quite small. It does not matter all that much, but you can tell that it was clearly designed for those with smaller hands. The pump is a and feels kind of weak, although the chances of snapping the pump are very slim.


Well Balanced
Comfortable Grip
Light and Compact
Nice Riot Blast

Bad Range
Small Capacity
Small Main Nozzle
No Strap [although this gun doesn't really need one]
No Pressure Gauge [although this gun doesn't really need one]

By Scorpion | Posted: 20060811

Max Infusion Flash Flood with Overload backpack.

The Max infusion Flash flood with the 100oz. pack is the best use of the Max Infusion system. It is equivelent to the Aquapack Devastator From last years lineup with the extra feature of the Flash Flood riot nozzle.

The Flash Flood has two CPS powered nozzles actavated by two different trigger systems. The small nozzle shoots about a 2x nozzle for eight second with no drop off and shoots about forty-one is activated by the trigger pressed by the index finger. The Riot Flash Flood nozzle has a one second shot time. It is an extremely spread out 16x that shoots forty-two feet. It is fired by sliding back the silver trigger on top of the gun.

The Pump:
The flash flood pupming mechanism is an unguided pump. the handle is rather small and the shaft is square shaped making it unable to swivel. The pump rod itself is a little short but very sturdy. Due to this shortnell one must pump it about thirty-two times. The pumping is very smooth and easy with no lags or leaks.

The grip/weight:
The Flash Flood has a very comfy grip. It is a well balanced soaker and is light enough to hold and shoot the small nozzle with one hand.

The Reservoir:
The reservoir on the Flash flood holds about forty ounces and supplies about 2.7 shots to it's 16oz PC. However it can be connected to a one hundred ounce pack that is mounted on ones back Gives one about ten shots.

All in all, The Flash Flood is a great small medium CPS based soaker.

Large nozzle can soak one fairly well in one shot. comfy grip small nozzle has a fair shot time.

Small nozzle can not compete with any CPS and some air preasure guns. Short pumphandle means more pumps. loud trigger system. No strap for use as a backup.

By Supersoaker | Posted: 20060811

The FF Colors are Green, orange and black, a good color design in my eyes! It holds 1L of water, and has a solid laminated stream of water.  This water shoots about 40 feet, but the FF nozzle, which is activated by pulling the silver trigger on the top of the gun get's a semi-respectible 25.  Now I know what you're thinking, this is a remake of the MAX-D Secret Strike right? Wrong this gun has CPS and a lot more soaking power. I noticed that when unleashing a FF it doesn't completely empty the tank it takes about 2/3 of it, but not all. When unleashing a FF the water shoots about 25 feet,and spreads out. A direct hit from this would completely drench someone!(I know, I shot my sis with it) As stated
earlier it has CPS tech. the pump feels a little flimsy, but hasn't broken yet, and one year later, it's still in perfect working order. I love the trigger it's so comfortable, I was using it and my Arctic Shock when I relized how much more comfortable the FF's trigger is then the AS trigger is. TIP: Try faking someone out by putting your hand on the trigger and let them try to dodge, then shoot them!  When I unleashed a flood I got a noticeable kickback from the gun!
The FF is great, which is why they re-released it this year. This has to be a contender for the greatest gun in '05 or '06. Sorry, I'm rambling on with praise here. When compaired to an older cps, this would be okay, but Larami has done better. i know, now hasbro ownes Super Soaker, but they could have done better as well. So, I'll give it a 9/10, great gun, for these years, the only way it could've done better would a bigger stream, or longer range, great gun.

Sleek colors, CPS, Light, Trigger is comfy, large 1L capacity and has a riot blast!

Limited resevoir after firing FF nozzle, (2005 FF) range could be better

FF 9/10

Review by UKbigman91 | Posted: 20050421

I LOOOOOVEEEEEE my Flash Flood!!! I got it today, and, WOW!!! The riot blast flash flood nozzle really packs a punch. This is the only water gun that I have ever got a kickback on!!!! This is probably one of the best super soakers I have ever owned!!! The 40 oz is a great capacity (you get about 4 or 5 "Flash Flood" shots with a full tank and you can shoot a constant stream with a full tank for about 20 to 25 seconds). The pumping is also very good. 10 times will give you a good amount of power, but if you are in a tight spot, pumping just 4 or 5 times will give you enough for a reasonable shot. The FF can get a tad heavy, especially whith one arm, but it is designed as a two hand gun anyway. The stream is nice and strong (the Flash Flood nozzle is extremely powerful). The quick fill cap is also great for refilling with bottled water bottles. This is an awesome gun and I suggest to any one who likes water warfare to get it. If you play on teams and you have 2 or 3 people with these launching their cannons out of the base at an oncoming force, your enemy has no chance!!!

Review by Vaporizer | Posted: 20050402 | Edited by

This is my review of the STE: Flash Flood.

The Flash Flood is a light assault rifle sized blaster, with the power of a blaster of Medium assault rifle size, because of the Flash Flood nozzle, activated by sliding the silver colored thing above the nozzles backwards. The Flash Flood nozzle is a riot-blast style nozzle, with no cohesion at all. It fires a cone of water about 25', drenching anything within it. It fires for about one second.

The Flash Flood is a CPS based soaker, and the maximum range for the normal 2.5x (not 5x) nozzle is attainable within 2 pumps. Two pumps!!! The maximum range for the normal nozzle is 32', almost as far as paraded around on the box.When fully pumped,(25 pumps) the normal nozzle fires for 6 seconds at full pressure, and then cuts out, like any good little CPS soaker should.

The only things I can see bad about this blaster is that mine leaks. A lot. Then again, I know I got a defective model. There is also a crack on the bottom part of the reservoir, right below the now user-friendly quick fill cap (meaning that it doesn't soak you).

I would recommend this soaker to anyone using a Helix as a backup, because it can do the job better than those guns can.

Overall, 9/10

Review by ChrisReid | Posted: 20050126

If you’re like me, then this time of the year involves daily trips to all the various local stores that carry toys. Each day for the last few weeks I’ve seen plenty of empty Christmas shelves and lots of Nerf guns. But today I saw the first 2005 model Super Soakers!

This year’s line is called Soaker Tag Elite. Their boxes are mostly a distinct yellow and red, compared to the yellow and purple of 2004. This year marks the return of the Constant Pressure System technology, which is featured on all medium and large blasters. It’s worth noting that virtually all of the 2004 Soaker Tag soakers and numerous MaxD guns from previous years have been rereleased. All have been recolored and reissued in 2005 packaging with the new self-sticking Soaker Tags. This year also marks the return of a formidable backpack soaker, which I’ll review at a later time.

The CPS Flash Flood was my first purchase this year. It’s black and green, with an underslung reservoir similar to the design of the MaxD Secret Strike. Despite its large size, the soaker is well balanced for one hand and easy to fill. The pump handle is relatively small, but gets the job done. The main handle and trigger guard is a good size with a soft firm grip. Because of the CPS tech built into the Soaker Tag Elite guns, each blaster’s stream is much stronger and thicker than the recent MaxD or Soaker Tag models that have been produced over the last several years. Guns at the $19.99 price point in previous years have been pegged to the XP110/XP310/MaxD6000 medium to heavy rifle category, but because of the integrated CPS technology, the Flash Flood seems to clearly outperform those blasters. I’d compare it most closely to the SC600, though the stream has more of a kick and the blaster’s special feature is amazing.

The main reservoir is 40 ounces and feeds a large pressure balloon for a blaster this size. The most exciting feature is a special flash flood trigger located on the top of the gun. In a pinch, it can immediately unload the entire pressure tank in one huge blast of water. In many ways this soaker is similar to the Secret Strike mentioned above, but it is much more powerful. The main CPS stream has a noticeable kick behind it, and the emergency burst is much more powerful than any of the riot blast tricks possible with the original XP line. A couple years ago I was involved in a discussion about dream Super Soakers I wish would be made. This is exactly one of the Soakers I described. The main stream is powerful, and pulling the Flash Flood Trigger is like throwing a bucket of water on someone. All of this in such a portable package is excellent. I’ll definitely be using the Soaker Tag Elite Flash Flood this year.

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