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Stories War with the Grads

By: Drigerblade10

The battle started at a friends house because the park didn't have a good base.This battle has 2 parts.

Francis was armed with a cps 1-3-5, Tyrel was armed with a water warriors Blazer. I had an Arctic Blast with 100 oz aquapack, the rest of the kids had water warrior wasps.

To help you understand how the backyard is,it has a treehouse, a really long deck, 1 hose and bushes and trees all over,there is also a fence around the yard.

The battle started with everyone getting ammo. Then me Francis and Tyrel were shooting all the kids with wasps(there was about four)Then we got to the top of the treehouse the wasps were actually kind of smart and started shooting through the floor and the walls(the walls were basically strips of wood in an x pattern I forget what you call it. Then one of the wasps was stupid enough to climb up the ladder.Francis and Tyrel switched to the best output and started drenching the wasp, then I charged my flood and shot back the wasp begged us to stop. We told him to climb down. But somehow he was stupid enough to climb down. We heard the wasp say "stop shooting,and i can climb down". We stopped...for about a second then started shooting again. Either he slipped and fell down or jumped down but he was gone.

Battle 2

Then one of the grads saw us fighting and jumped in with the hose and started shooting us all. Then all the kids teamed up and my team(Francis,Tyrel,and me) was sniping in the treehouse and the wasps were down on the front lines.The grad eventually found that my team was the biggest threat and started climbing up and shooting at us. Francis and Tyrel did a good job holding the grad back while I charged my flood.When my flood was charged(30 pumps) I ran up to the front of the treehouse and shouted "No Mercy!" then shot the grad from 1 foot away.The grad gave up because my team owned.

After the fight we dared one of the wasps to shoot one of the grads after they said no shooting them.To put it short they threatened us but then the wasp shot again.We ran for our lives while we were running they started cursing and yelling at us cause we broke one of their cell phones.

I am glad they didn't hunt us down and skin us alive.It was a good day.

Posted: 20080628

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