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December (202012)

20201226: Placeholder page created for upcoming 2021 Nerf Super Soaker Dinosquad Dino-Soak water blaster. More information to be posted on this new water blaster once available.

September (202009)

20200910: The Year, 2020, proves to be far more challenging than most would have ever predicted. The past several months have been any but normal and the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has changed the way we live. Trying to find some escape from my daily challenges, I have finally found some time to post some pictures and basic stats of other new water blasters I had picked up this year. Pages for the Water Warriors Gargantua X, Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite Pump SG, and Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite Compact SMG are now posted. I still need to find time to write more into the review pages, but I wanted to at least get some stats and pictures up. For now, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Soak on (safely and responsibly)!

March (202003)

20200325:Submitted review of the Nerf Super Soaker Hydra and submitted review of the Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm posted.

20200315: Past couple of months have been crazy; I can only hope all who visit are safe and healthy given the rapidly spreading coronavirus (Covid-19) that appears to be affecting every corner of the globe. Locally, schools are closed, large gathering cancelling, and remote working is highly preferred (face-to-face meetings are minimized). With so many uncertainties, it's been difficult to do much updating. That said, pictures now posted for a number of new water blasters, namely the Adventure Force Tsunami Drencher, Adventure Force Triton, Adventure Force Poseidon, and Adventure Force Cyclone Burst. Also, submitted images of the Adventure Force Triton and Adventure Force Poseidon also posted. Hope to be able to write up some brief reviews, but no testing planned on any of these items for the near future.

January (202001)

20200102: Happy New Year! Alas, no updates on upcoming water blasters just yet, but we continue to search and seek out information. All in due time. Soak on for now!

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