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By: (editor), multiple contributors

If you could hold a water fight anywhere in the world, where would you want to go? Do you dream of Amazon Jungle (Brazil) water wars or perhaps scaling the stairs of the Eiffel Tower (France) armed with your trusty soaker? Maybe the monoliths of Stonehenge (UK) would make great cover or would you want to try to hold off the nomadic soaker invaders trying to cross the Great Wall of China? Where are your dream battle grounds?

Here are some thoughts to consider.

by Adrian .:

The Domes in Milwaukee. Three stadium-sized arboreatums, one is a jungle, another a desert, a third is set up for electric trains and changes displays 4 time per year.

An office or apartment building would be cool too.

Rather than specific locales, I'd like to participate in waterfight set up to resemble scenes from movies. Like the heist in Heat, or the ending firefight in The Kingdom. That'd be cool.

Washington and Lake Parks in Milwaukee. Look 'em up on Google maps and tell me those wouldn't be awesome battlegrounds.

ETA: Also the Milwaukee Natural History Museum and Riptide Seafood Restuarant. The_Narrator, who is a big fan of Milwaukee showed me some picks of these sites. Fantastic.

by C-A_99 .:

Hmm... Perhaps an underwater complex or a base on the moon would be interesting... I could always create some maps in paint if need be.

For the underwater base, I suppose a 2-base setup over the middle of the ocean where the flags are under the complexes could work. The bases would have to be reached by paddleboats and such, and perhaps a passage underwater could be created. Another possibility is a 2-base system from the underwater base to the top of the "mountain", then there's "mountain" to "mountain", etc. I've got plenty of weird ideas.

As for specific places in the world, Cedar Point (or any other park with good coasters for that matter) would provide an interesting background, though IMO the cover would be lacking, and it would require a lot of players, even in a "base"-to-"base" setup. (plus there's the danger of a boat crashing into someone trying to refill from the log flumes)

However, I haven't been to many water parks, but they would present an interesting situation of trying to avoid running through fountains, getting others to fall into pools, etc. 1-flag CTF along the top of a water slide would be interesting (i.e. grab the flag and slide down) but people may trip over the stairs.

by mr. dude .:

  • In a medieval castle
  • In an underground mine
  • In a junkyard
  • In a place full of shipping containers
    And my favourite yet...
  • In mid-air (each person getting his/her own hot air balloon)

by DX .:

I have quite a few and you'd have to be a bit whacked in the head to fight me at most of them. Trip out on Google Earth to these:

  • Duxbury Town Forest - Duxbury, MA
  • Captains' Flats, [Duxbury Bay] MA
  • Clarks Island - Plymouth, MA
  • South Monomoy Island - Chatham, MA
  • Highfields [N Mill Rd] - Edgecomb, ME
  • Harkness Memorial SP - Waterford, CT
  • Blackrock Mountain - Harriman SP, NY
  • Mashomac Preserve - Shelter Island, NY
  • Central Park - New York, NY
  • Spanish Wells - [Eluthra Island] Bahamas
  • Luquillo Beach - Luquillo, Puerto Rico
  • Fairmount Park - Philadelphia, PA

Out of all these, the most interesting by far is Captains' Flats. Huge sandbar formation in the middle of Duxbury Bay. You could fortify anywhere, bring a shovel along with your gun lol. No fresh water so you'd better conserve what you can bring in. It gets mad interesting when the tide comes rolling in, all the sudden the fighting area really shrinks. The teams get forced closer and closer and closer...finally you're standing on the highest point fighting at point blank range. If no one wins, the tide will...

by .:

Some of these places would be cool and possible if the local security would allow; some are a little more fantasy-based, but would be fun were it possible, nevertheless.

  • in the Colliseum in Rome, Italy, gladiator-style: need to have some large bales of hay or something on the arena floor to offer cover, but otherwise it's nothing but sun, sand, and heat between you are your opponents
  • on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France: lots of stairs, various levels and platforms, but while the iron girders offer some protection, a slight adjustment of positioning can open up means to soak another hiding around the corner
  • in the International Space station: yeah, water's not great for all the instrumentation in there, but a water fight at microgravity would be quite fun; straight-line water streams.
  • in an abandoned steel factory (or something similar): some sort of large building/warehouse with various levels, stairs, plenty of hiding places as well as some open expanses for varying styles of water combat; no working machinery or electricity as well as no broken glass/rusty nails/etc left around, though, to reduce the chance of accidents

Some other locations, some mentioned before, are also places that'd I'd love to battle in:

  • Eaton Centre (inside the mall), Toronto, ON
  • Central Park, New York City, NY
  • Boston Commons, Boston, MA
  • Yellowstone National Park, WY
  • Haleakala crater, Maui, HI

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