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NOTE: A lot of additional Water Warfare Games information cna be found in the Wiki: Games section.

General Tips for Waterfights

First and foremost, water fights are meant to be a fun and exciting way to keep cool during the summer months (or all year 'round if one is in the tropics or simply crazy!). The general purpose of water fights is to drench one's opponents. It should always be remembered that these games are for fun and no one should be intentionally injured. If one's intent is to hurt people, one had better look elsewhere.

Breakdown of Common Soaker Game Types

For a breakdown of each part of all game descriptions, see the Water Warfare Games Classification System as well as the Water Warfare Scoring Methods Rules.

Players Goal Rules  

Game Name

Number of Players

Overall Objective


Description Written By


Soak your Opponents, Score-Based, and/or Elimination


The Duel - Playoff Version

2 Soak your Opponents, Score-Based, and/or Elimination   Cloud

Timed Target Challenge

2 Players + 2 Referees
Time-Based and/or Score-Based
Need: timers/stop watches and targets

The Gauntlet

1 Player + 6 to 8 Guardians
Time-Based and/or Score-Based


Free-for-All: Soakfest

5 to 30
Soak your Opponents


Free-for-All: Scoring

5 to 20
Score-Based with/without Elimination


Free-for-All: One Hit Eliminates

5 to 20



10 to 20
Score-Based with Elimination
Recommend pistol-class water blasters

Soaker Golf

Inverse Score-Based
Need: cups, larger buckets (for the holes)

Hide'N'Soak Tag

5 to 20
Special Objective(s): Avoid becoming "It"
Optional: use a flag or hat/headband to be worn by the one who is "It"

Ambush! Hide and Soak

Need: timers/stop watches and targets

Team: Soakfest

10 to 30
Soak your Opponents


Team: Scoring

10 to 30
Score-Based with/without Elimination


Team: One Hit Eliminates / Survivor

10 to 30


Capture the Flag

10 to 40
Special Objective(s) with/without Score and with/without Elimination
Flags needed (one flag per Team)


12 to 20
Need: clothes pins (LOTS!)

Control the World

10 to 30
Special Objective(s): Capture all bases
Need: Designated bases and enough flags per Team to mark all bases

Hold the Line

 Eliminated your opponents (offense) / Special Objective: Avoid elimination (defense)

Hunters and Killers

10 to 30


Water Ball

Any (even numbers preferred)
Ball and goal areas needed


6 to 20
[ Soak your Opponents and Special Objective(s): capture the base ] with/without Elimination

Jackson B.

The President's Men

10 to 30
Soak your Opponents, Special Objective(s): Soak the President, and Elimination


Man Hunt

20 to 30
Special Objective(s): Survival


On the Run

 4+ Elimination, Special Objective(s): Reach a certain point


Soakn' Destroy

At least 4 Elimination (optional), score higher than opposing teams. Various objects required for certain objectives. C-A_99

The Magic Flag

At least 6 Eliminate opposing team and/or capture their Magic Flag. Equipment required to represent the Magic Flag. C-A_99

There are a lot of other Player Info/Tips, and Team Info/Tips articles available for your reference and needs here at

General Guidelines

  • For a good start, check out the Water Warfare: Basics page.
  • See the Organized Water Warfare (10 rules or less) for a quick organized water warfare rule set.
  • Read the Soaker Combat Rules section for a community co-developed more detailed overview of common organized water warfare rules and common variations
  • Use clear, clean water only. Anything else may clog up your blaster and/or injure other players.
  • Declare game-time duration and area before starting. A timespan and area should be designated as the combat zone with filling stations for either side clearly noted.
  • Water fights in general should remain a non-contact game. The idea is to soak your opponent, not injure them.
  • Blasters/Soakers should remain with their owners. Taking/Stealing a water blaster from another can result in more physical conflict as opposed to water blast exchanges.
  • Only spray those involved in the water fight. Attacking unarmed innocent bystanders can lead to serious complications (especially if they happen to be bigger or be carrying a real weapon i.e. not just a water blaster).
  • Before any game begins, make sure all players have a good idea of the game rules. If needed, assign a non-combat person as a overseer/negotiator should a conflict regarding a rule arise.

Things to be Cautious Of...

Depending on the age group involved in the water fights, the types of tactics and weapons used will vary. Be cautious of mixing young children (6-10 years) with adolescents and/or adults. Some kids end up bawling their eyes out if they get drenched or even aimed at (Not a pretty sight.)

Also, beware of any animals (both domesticated and wild) in the playing field. Some animals become irritated and even hostile if drenched, potentially attacking. Shooting at animals should always be avoided.


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