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On the Run

By: SEAL | Edited by: iSoaker | Posted: 20110517 | Last Edited: 20121111


Overall Game Objective(s):

Get to the other side of the battlefield without getting hit (runner) / Eliminate the runner before he/she reaches the other side of the battlefield (hunters)


Number of Players | Distribution:

  1. Number of Players / Participants :: 4+
  2. Distribution :: 1 vs. the rest

Hit / Scoring Mode | Recommended Hit / Scoring Method (Recommended / Required):

  1. Hit / Scoring Mode :: Hit-based, Elimination
  2. Hit / Scoring Method (Recommended / Required) :: Any
Time Limit

Time Limit:



Battle / Playing Field Size (Recommended / Required) | Specific Environment (Recommended / Required):

  1. Battle/Playing Field Size (Recommended / Required) :: Larger for higher numbers; preferably rectangular
  2. Specific Environment (Recommended / Required) :: Plentiful cover preferred
End Game

End Game (optional):


Special Requirements

Special Requirements (optional):



Specific Details and Rules:

In On the Run, there is a "Runner", and multiple "Hunters". The runner's job is to make it from one end of the battlefield to the other without getting eliminated. The hunters' job is to find and eliminate the runner before he/she reaches the other side. Predetermined boundaries are recommended but not necessary.

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