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Ambush! Hide and Soak

By: scottthewaterwarrior | Edited by: iSoaker | Posted: 20100908


Overall Game Objective(s):

Soak your Opponents || Special Objective(s) || Score-Based || Elimination


Number of Players | Distribution:

  1. Number of Players / Participants :: Any || 4 (minimum needed: 1 Tagger + 3 Hiders)
  2. Distribution :: Variable Teams (each Player becomes the Tagger after a set period of time)

Hit / Scoring Mode | Recommended Hit / Scoring Method (Recommended / Required):

  1. Hit / Scoring Mode :: Soakfest || Hit-based, Finite Lives || Hit-based, Infinite Lives || Hit-based, Elimination || Objective-Completion Scoring || Objective-Based Elimination
  2. Hit / Scoring Method (Recommended / Required) :: (for Hiders) Honor-Based - Palm-sized / Fist-sized Mark and (for Tagger) Tag Device - Pinned Target(s) / Tag(s)
Time Limit

Time Limit:

10-15 minutes per round recommended; each Player should be a Tagger once (i.e. if there are 4 Players, 4 rounds should be played)


Battle / Playing Field Size (Recommended / Required) | Specific Environment (Recommended / Required):

  1. Battle/Playing Field Size (Recommended / Required) :: Any || Small (baseball diamond/in-field area - ~8100 sqft = ~0.18 acres) to Medium (soccer field size - roughly 2 acres) recommended
  2. Specific Environment (Recommended / Required) :: Any || preferably somewhere with plenty of hiding places
End Game

End Game (optional):


Special Requirements

Special Requirements (optional):

Soaker Tags in plastic bag, stop watch that can get wet | Note:  Can be played without soaker tags: Tagger must be hit with a fist-sized splotch while the Hiders can be eliminated by any-sized hit..
Armament:  Tagger: large blaster with good range.  Hiders: smaller blasters than tagger.


Specific Details and Rules:

First decide a meeting spot somewhere at your location, than chose the order which Players will take turns being the Tagger.  The Tagger for each round will wear a Soaker Tag (or similar device) with many more tags in his/her pocket.  (You could have him/her were more than one, like one on front one on back if you want).

How it is played:
A timer is set for 1 minute, the first Tagger closes his/her eyes all the players except the Tagger run off to hide.  (It can be shorter or longer depending on your preferences).  After the timer goes off, the Tagger says, "Ready or not here I com"e or some other cheesy line and sets another timer for 10-15 minutes.  (Again it can be shorter or longer depending on your preferences).  The Tagger will attempt to find and soak (fist sized splotch of water) the Hiders and avoid getting his/her soaker tag soaked.  If the Tagger's tag is soaked, he/she puts on a new one and the player who soaked him/her gets 1 point and goes to the meeting zone.  If the Tagger soaks the Hider (fist-sized splotch), then the Tagger gets 2 points and the Hider loses 1 point and goes to the meeting zone.  After 10-15 minutes (or whatever the decided time) everyone will meet back at the meeting zone. Anyone who was not found gets 2 points and the next Player will take their turn as Tagger.  The game is played until all Players have been Tagger at least once.  ALL TAGGERS MUST GO AN EQUAL NUMBER OF TIMES.

Tagger soaks Hider = Hider: -1  Tagger: +2
Hider soaks Tagger = Hider: +1  Tagger puts on new soaker tag
Hider not found at end of time = Hider: +2

The winner is the one who has the most points at the end (you can get negative points).



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