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Ten Tips for Survival in the Battlefield

By : OmniFyre

  1. Never be alone if possible. Always travel with a friend or escort of some kind.
  2. In the event you should go on a mission alone (usually instructed by the leader), never go unarmed or unprotected.
  3. Never run when you are alone. It will make noise when running and your after-breathing CAN be heard.
  4. Remember ALL sounds from the slightest footstep to the sound of a Monster XL blasting its opponent can be heard on a quiet battlefield and a lot of the time the battle will be quiet, especially during special missions or meetings.
  5. If your base(s) is/are destroyed or seized, do not panic. In urban areas, there are many places to set up a base. Surrender the base that was seized and focus on setting up a new one.
  6. Always return to one of your bases in times of need which include medical needs or ammuntion. It is foolish to go out in war without full preparation because you never know where your opponents are stationed. If you are spotted unarmed, run as fast as you can. This is where it helps to have good running shoes on.
  7. Always listen to your leaders. They know best. Believe me, I learned the hard way. =)
  8. Never EVER launch a full-scale ambush without the consent or instruction of a leader. You will most likely run in and start shooting like a maniac and it will be (95% of the time) unsuccessful.
  9. Always have a map of the battlefield ready, especially in urban areas. The importance of having a map in an urban area is specially important because these towns and citizen residence areas are much more complex and larger than most other battle fields. This is mostly because of the buildings and structures, which typically restricts the battlefield to the street. When fighting on the street, always be careful of cars, especially during night-time wars.
  10. In ANY battlefield that has been mapped out, never enter an uncharted area. This area may be crawling with enemies, although you may not notice it at first. Always have a scout to see the are you are about to enter. It also helps to have several grunts guarding the mapped area closest to the exploration area so that if the scout should encounter enemies, (s)he can call for them and they can be of assistance.
Posted: 20020102

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