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The Gauntlet

By: iSoaker | Posted: 20100816


Overall Game Objective(s):

Time-Based and/or Score-Based


Number of Players | Distribution:

  1. Number of Players / Participants :: 1 Player + 6 to 10 Guardians (recommended) / 1 Player + 1 Guardian (minimum needed) / 1 Player + 30 Guardians (maximum recommended) || Referee(s) optional
  2. Distribution :: Single Player with one or more Non-Playing Characters

Hit / Scoring Mode | Recommended Hit / Scoring Method (Recommended / Required):

  1. Hit / Scoring Mode :: Timed Soakfest
  2. Hit / Scoring Method (Recommended / Required) :: Any || Honor-Based - Complete Saturation / Drenched / Soaked System not recommended
Time Limit

Time Limit:

Course should be runnable within 5 to 10 minutes on average


Battle / Playing Field Size (Recommended / Required) | Specific Environment (Recommended / Required):

  1. Battle/Playing Field Size (Recommended / Required) :: Any; optimal size depends on the total number of Guardians and obstacles desired in course
  2. Specific Environment (Recommended / Required) :: Any
End Game

End Game (optional):


Special Requirements

Special Requirements (optional):

Targets and a stop watch


Specific Details and Rules:

This game is basically a single-person obstacle course challenge with other game participants serving as Guardians to add a human-element to the course.

In a nutshell, a course should be outlined where a Player must run along, hitting/tagging targets along the way with his/her water blaster. Whether every target must be hit or whether scoring also depends on number of targets hit is up to the course creators. Along with static objects and targets, the course should also include Guardians, individuals who have optional targets on them that cannot move much from their starting position (perhaps only a step or two), but can attack and attempt to soak the Player as he/she is running the course. Of course, being attacked may also slow a Player down.

Players are timed based on how long it takes them to complete the course and on how many targets and Guardians they manage to soak. Winners are decided based on the fastest time with the most number of targets soaked. For a general guide, a missed target may count for a penalty of 10 additional seconds onto a Player's course completion time. All game participants should have a chance to play as both the Player as well as Guardians in different locations along the course.

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