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Dueling - Playoff Version

By: Cloud | Edited by: iSoaker | Posted: 20040604


Overall Game Objective(s):

Soak your Opponents || Score-Based || Elimination


Number of Players | Distribution:

  1. Number of Players / Participants :: 2
  2. Distribution :: 1 vs. 1

Hit / Scoring Mode | Recommended Hit / Scoring Method (Recommended / Required):

  1. Hit / Scoring Mode :: Soakfest || Hit-based, Finite Lives || Hit-based, Infinite Lives || Hit-based, Elimination
  2. Hit / Scoring Method (Recommended / Required) :: Any
Time Limit

Time Limit:

1 minute, 15 minutes, 1 hour, to multiple days. As well, some games may be broken up into several rounds of play. In those cases, the length of each round should be stated together with the total number of rounds to be played (i.e. 15 mins./round; 3 rounds total)


Battle / Playing Field Size (Recommended / Required) | Specific Environment (Recommended / Required):

  1. Battle/Playing Field Size (Recommended / Required) :: Any
  2. Specific Environment (Recommended / Required) :: Any
End Game

End Game (optional):


Special Requirements

Special Requirements (optional):



Specific Details and Rules:

Number of People: Two
Duration: From about 50 minutes to up to three hours depending on series length, quarter length, and games needed to complete series
Area Required: Any location which can afford to get wet
Special Equipment Required: Weapon of choice (of course), 2 hoses (one for each player), and preferably Soaker Tag body targets (at least 12 per player)


Similar to duel, this game is, in all practicality, a longer-version of a one-hit-kills game. However, in contrast to a standard one-hit-kills game, the game is actually timed and involves a series, creating a more sport-like competition.

How to play:
Both players may use only one weapon of choice. The series length of the competition is optional. The players can choose to play a best of three, five, seven, nine, or more series. The standard series length, however, is best of seven (the first player to win four games wins the competition in best of seven). Each single game is split into four five-minute quarters. Two points are awarded for every coherent shot to the torso of the opponent. Most players are fairly trustworthy in terms of acknowledging a shot. However, it is wise to think before inviting an opponent; be sure s/he is honest enough. One point is awarded for every shot to the arms or legs. If applicable, three points are awarded for every Soaker Tag target dissolved. Players with dissolved Soaker Tag targets must replace them at the end of the quarter. Thus, three pointers can only be awarded once per quarter. Shots to the groin, head, neck, hands, feet, and blaster receive no points.

  • Each player is allotted one ninety-second timeout every quarter for refilling. Players may also refill between quarters, and may also use opponent’s timeouts to refill.
  • After four quarters, the player with the most points wins that game. The first player to win the majority of games of a series wins. For that reason, a best of seven series may require as little as four games to complete if one player fails to win any games.
  • In the case of equal points after four quarters, an overtime lasting one minute will ensue. Whoever scores more points in the overtime then wins. In case of another tie after overtime, continue to play one-minute overtimes until a player has outscored the other at the end of the overtime.
  • Both players must use the same weapon for the duration of a game (exception of breakage), but may change weapons between games in a series.
  • A player out of water with no timeouts left may not refill. The player may only attempt to dodge his opponent’s shots.
  • Making physical contact, faking timeouts or emptiness, and striking opponents with gun are all prohibited.


  • Quarters can last any amount of time, though five minutes is particularly effective.
  • Another person designated official can call penalties for intentional shots to the head, eyes and/or groin, like subtracting points. Officials can also help prevent real fights from breaking out.
  • Players can wear more Soaker Tag targets for more scoring. High scoring games are usually more exciting and fun to play.


  • When using Soaker Tag targets, be sure to purchase plenty. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to buy at least eight for each game, probably ten. Therefore, when playing a best of seven, buy about sixty to seventy targets. Factor in optional extra targets and the possibility of overtime.
  • This game gets pricey fast, so be creative and fashion Soaker Tag substitutes to save money. For instance, toilet paper, facial tissues, napkins, and even cotton balls make adequate replacements. Scotch tape, though not exactly fashionable, will act as a sufficient adhesive for alternative home-made targets.

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