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Control the World

By: Drigerblade10 | Edited by: iSoaker | Posted: 20080615 | Updated: 20100809


Overall Game Objective(s):

Special Objective(s): Capture all bases


Number of Players | Distribution:

  1. Number of Players / Participants :: 10 to 30 (recommended) / 6 (minimum needed) / 50 (maximum recommended) || Referee(s) optional
  2. Distribution :: Strict Teams or Variable Teams.

Hit / Scoring Mode | Recommended Hit / Scoring Method (Recommended / Required):

  1. Hit / Scoring Mode :: Soakfest || Hit-based, Infinite Lives
  2. Hit / Scoring Method (Recommended / Required) :: Any
Time Limit

Time Limit:

30 minutes to several hours; optimal time depends on the total number of Players and designated Teams


Battle / Playing Field Size (Recommended / Required) | Specific Environment (Recommended / Required):

  1. Battle/Playing Field Size (Recommended / Required) :: Small (baseball diamond/in-field area - ~8100 sqft = ~0.18 acres) to Large (multi-acre park) depending on the total number of Players and designated Teams
  2. Specific Environment (Recommended / Required) :: Any
End Game

End Game (optional):


Special Requirements

Special Requirements (optional):

Designated bases and enough flags per Team to mark all bases. Designated respawning points if applicable.


Specific Details and Rules:

No hitting people, No stealing other Team's equipment and No shooting in the refill zone. In this game, you will need to divide Players into two or more Teams. Each Team will get a base, water guns, and some jugs of water (if wanted)

Objective: Take the other Team's base(s) until your Team controls them all.You can only capture a base if you force the other Team out of the base and plant your flag. If you capture a base, the previous base residents can either join your Team or go out on their own (i.e. Let's say there are 3 teams: Blue team, Green team, and Red team. Each team has their own base. Blue attacks and captures Red's base. Red team members can either run off on their own and try to take another base or join the Blue team. Red team runs back to the refill point but while in the refill zone they cannot be shot, but they cannot shoot either. Blue team is stronger now because some of the Red team joined them. If Blue team then captures Green's base, Blue would be victorious.)

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