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Stories Last Battle of the Season - Soakfest!

By: Steelboot

This war took place on September 28, 2008

Steelboot (me):CPS 1000
Tick Tock: CPS 21k.20(20 balloons)
Bob: CPS 1500

Our war was conducted on the street, in alleys, and in some cases, houses. But we'll get to that later...

The three of us all started at different places: me at one of the hoses next to Tick Tock`s house; Tick Tock in a neighbour's back yard, and Bob started at his own house`s fill station. I started filling water balloons quickly, as I thought about how soaked we were all going to be at the end of the fight.

I caught a glimpse of Bob around a corner just after this, and quickly, but quietly zipped open my backpack and reached for a water balloon. I had the largest water balloon that you could imagine, with my victim standing only 15 feet away, completely unaware of my presence. I tossed the balloon and it missed by only a few inches. Now, normally, Bob would have drenched me. But, the genius he is, had forgotten to pump. Dodging the balloon distracted him long enough for me to drench him before making a quick escape.

I ran into my house, completely dry, and went up to the second floor. Our front porch roof is very, very stable, so I slipped out the second floor window and on to the roof of the porch.I could see Bob looking for me in the alley between his and Tick Tock`s house. He was far out of range, but, he was firing down the alleyway. I saw water coming down and hitting him as well, but from my angle, I could not see Tick Tock firing at him. Then Bob started running out of the alleyway and onto the street as fast as he could. Out of the alley sprung Tick Tock, wielding a hose. Bob had now come into range, so I took a few shots at him and hit him twice. Bob turned up to look at me, and, in doing so, forgot that he was running, and was drenched by Tick Tock.

So, I got back into the house, ran down the stairs and out the door. My 1000 was fully pumped, and Bob called for a truce, which I accepted because Tick Tock was completely dry(although so was I). We walked towards him with twisted smiles on our faces. He had, at this point, put away the hose in favour of the 1500. Bad move. Bob and I rushed him and drenched him. T-Tock, in a state of panic, fired several shots that all missed. He got really mad because it was so cold anyways, and his teeth were clattering. Kind of wimpy for a 13 year old, but what the heck. After that, we went to Bob`s house to play Halo 3.

Posted: 20081007

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