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Alan Amron is an inventor in both the Toy and Electronics industries. A listing of his patents, inventions, and accomplishments follows:

  • 1973: invented and patented the first "pulsating" stream water guns in
  • 1984: invented the first "continuous" stream water shooters
  • 1985: invented and patented the first ever Battery Operated water guns for Larami, LJN Entertech, Tyco, Mattel, Buddy L, Coleco, Playtime and Blue Box toys
  • 1989: worked on the original DRENCHER
  • 1999: invented and patented the Quick Fill System harnessing the water and house pressure from the garden hose in the Storm water gun (2000) line for Trendmaster Toys and now Jakks Toys.
  • Additionally, he invented and patented (1994) Shout N' Shoot and (1996) Robo Blaster water shooters for Cap Toys of Ohio.
  • 2004: invented and patented the "Spiral" lasso like effect stream and "Zig Zag", "Oval", "Figure 8", "Z pattern" water - bubbles - paint and food stream patterns as well.

Some of Alan's Water Toy-related Inventions and miscellaneous pictures (click on any of the images below for a larger verion):

Battery-Operated Water Gun Prototype
Blue Box Battery Operated Water Guns
Brad Pitt Holding Storm Water Guns

Elmo's Spiral Stream Sprinkler

People Magazine Article
Richard / Alan / Donald / Pat
09_Pete_Carroll_USC_Summerall_250 _Shoot_Toys_Cover_250
Shout'N'Shoot Toys
Wham-O Spiral Splasher Slip'N'Slide

Special thanks from to Mr. Alan Amron for sharing these pictures and information with us!

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