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The following lists some other interesting factoids from the world of water guns and water blasters.

power_drencher_90_200The Original Super Soaker: Power Drencher

The Power Drencher (now known as the Super Soaker SS50) is the water blaster that revolutionized the face of water warfare. While not the first air-pressure water blaster, the Power Drencher placed the pressure chamber/reservoir atop the blaster, creating a visually distinct and better performing water blaster. Not only did the Power Drencher perform better than any of the motorized water guns available. Additionally, the Power Drencher did not require any batteries and had muprototype_supersoaker_photos_200ch more capacity than any of its rivals (apart from the Aqua Force water gun). Interestingly, then the Power Drencher was released in 1988, it gathered little attention. However, being rename to "Super Soaker" and having a more aggressive advertising campaign in 1989, the Super Soaker became THE toy of the summer, outselling virtually any other toy on the market and putting Super Soaker down into the history books.

See: History of the Super Soaker

supersoaker_cps1_3_5_200The Most Number of Separate Nozzles on a Stock Water Gun: Super Soaker CPS 1-3-5 (Larami Ltd.)

Though some may mistake the Monster XL has having the most number of nozzles, it only has the most number of nozzle selectors, having only actually two actual nozzles. The CPS 1-3-5 (a.k.a. the CPS Wipeout) sports five separate nozzles, though each is at a fixed position and setting. The second most number of nozzles on a stock water gun is found on the Super Soaker XP85: Triple Shot, that features three nozzles, two of which can having their angles adjusted.

supersoaker_monsterxl_box_200The Most Number of Pressure Chambers on a Stock Water Gun: Super Soaker XP Pool Pumper Blaster (Larami Ltd.)

Many water blasters have a single pressure chamber while some sport two. There are even a handful of water blasters that have three pressure chambers, most notably blasters like the Super Soaker SS300 or Super Soaker SC Power Pak. However, only one blaster is known to have four separate pressure chambers and that is the Super soaker XP Pool Pumper Blaster. Despite needing a pool or bucket from which to draw water, thanks to its large pressurized water capacity, the XP Pool Pumper Blaster holds more pressurized water (1.25L / 41.7oz.) than many soakers hold altogether. This allows an XP Pool Pumper Blaster user to pressurize up and then venture far from a filling source without fear of running out of water too quickly.

The Largest Pump Volume in a Stock Water Gun: Water Warriors Hydrapak/Aquapak (Buzz Bee Toys Inc.)

Most current water blasters pump roughly 30mL (1 oz.) per full pump stroke. Some of the older classic water blasters pumped up to 75mL (~2 oz.) per stroke. The Water Warriors Hydrapak / Aquapak manages to pump 145mL (4.8oz.) per full stroke thanks to its large, dual pump shafts. This large volume of pumping does, expectedly, require more force to push the water into the pressure chamber, but since pumping is done prior to putting on the backpack, pumping is typically done vertically, thus getting the assistance of gravity to aid with each pump.

Posted: 20080321

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