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Information - The Teenage Years .: Old Logo

With minimal fanfare, actually turned 13 years old a couple of months ago (on June 8th to be exact). While I have been running a water blaster and water warfare-focused website since 1998, it was the launch of on June 8, 2000 that confirmed my commitment to keeping things going for a longer time.

...and now, more than 13 years of water war years have passed since...

Having been involved with the online water warfare community for over 15 years, it's interesting to look back and see how things came to be. From perhaps the first water warfare community, MiB Alliance, to Aquatica, to Super Soaker Central and, and now to, I've seen numerous members come and go. is perhaps the oldest of the water warfare websites that is continually updated.

That said, with 13+ years of experience building the site, I am now thinking about what can or should be done for the next 13 or more years. This site's strength is its sheer number of stock water blaster reviews, offering potential buyers insights into the latest models or past classics. It also offers a good sampling of water blaster internal pictures and other tech-related resources. also used to have a solid collection of water warfare stories, but that effort got pushed to and now to streamline content development here. While I'm still choosing to not use for water blaster performance modification or homemade water blaster building instructions, I'm wonder what other aspects on water blasters and/or water warfare would be good to improve on the site.

Consider this post an open invitation to suggestions for things you think may be better developed here. Can't promise that every suggestion can be acted upon, but all will be considered.

Soak on and Leave NO one dry!

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