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While perhaps not as detailed as some may prefer, for, I will be adopting the following water blaster pressurization categorization system until a more preferred one if found or devised. It works better than the existing one, fits in with how the database querying works, and doesn't feel too heavy/overly detailed.

Primary Classes:

  • Piston - for all finger and/or hand pumped water blasters. These include everything from syringe-type blasters to the small finger-pumped novelty water pistols
  • Air - for all air-pressure-based blasters. Both pressurized reservoir systems and water blasters with separate air-pressurized firing chambers would fall into this category
  • Elastic - for all rubber/spring/other elastic material-based water blasters. The term CPS is being removed from the categorization scheme. Presently, not opting to differentiate between elastic bladders, spherical versus cylindrical, or spring basedsystems
  • Motor - for all motor-based water blasters. Presently, not opting to differentiate between motors that use rotary pumps versus motors that drive small pistons to pump water
  • Hose - for all hose-based/hose requiring water blasters
  • Other - for an pressurization system that does not fall into the above categories. The most notable one that comes to mind is the peristaltic system used by many Shield Blasters, but there may be others that are not coming to mind at the moment.


While the categories above cover the fundamental pressurization systems, there are a number of water blasters that make use of multiple types of systems. As such, some water blasters may also be given an added modifier term in their categorization

  • [class 1] [class 2] Hybrid - for water blasters that use two systems in tandem to generate a stream. Example #1: the Water Warriors Scorpion would be categorized as an Elastic Motor Hybrid. Example #2: the Water Warriors Steady Stream would be categorized as a Piston Elastic Hybrid.
  • [class 1] [class 2] Combo - for water blasters that use two systems independently to generate a stream. Example #1: the Super Soaker Oozinator would be categorized as an Air Piston Combo
  • [class 1] [class n] Novelty - for water blasters that are considered not particularly useful for typical water wars (i.e. keychain water blasters and sprinklers). This modifier is semi-subjective

The order of classes before a modifier is a little subjective, but is loosely based on the perceived primary method of action.

I should note that many back-end changes need to occur for this new system to be implemented on I hope to update the system in the near future, but there may be some glitches after it goes lives at first. Hopefully nothing too problematic and hopefully glitches can be quickly identified and fixed.

Soak on!

Posted: 20100210

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