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Information Time for a Change (But What?) .:

I really cannot put any specific date and/or time to this, nor can I really explain exactly what I am thinking, but suffice it to say, while I have been a long time member of the online water warfare community, these days I am unclear about how best to use my interests and strengths to contibute to the community. Sure, many aspects of the community remain as they have always been: love of water warfare, members seeking out the best water blasters to meet their needs, novice members looking to more experienced ones for advice, etc. Nevertheless, whether my own experiences have changed my views and thoughts on how best to solve current needs, my interactions or perhaps my ability to communicate thoughts and ideas within the existing community seem to get lost, somehow.

Then again, though I've been involved in helping run forums that help large chunks of the online water warfare community's discussions, my own personal interests in water blasters was always more focused on the blasters, themselves, and how they functioned and performed moreso than use of them in battle. Sure, battle efficacy is something that is discussed on as well, but as my own experience and interest in organized water warfare games is more theoretical than practical, I tend to look at a water blaster's value in my preferred bias towards the fun free-for-all soakfest-view. Sure, I've helped put together information on different ways to create and facilitate organized water warfare games. However, from my own lack of time and success in organizing such events, the importance of organized water warfare games remains elusive in my reality. Others have done wonders at organizing water warfare events drawing participation from across regions, but while successful with lots of great insights and stories to tell, such events are few as well as small in scale and participation..

That said, my own current thoughts, activities, and strategies on how to improve the status quo no longer appear to be quite in alignment with others and, while I cannot conclude at this point whether one would be more effective than the other (that'd be predicting the future), I know what my experiences and gut tell me. Perhaps, at this time, it is best to go with feeling as opposed to seek approval since, in the end, it appears that outcome is a far more tangible and appreciated over trying to explain effort when things remain sub-optimal. Nevertheless, I would not wish to avoid seeing differing or complementary viewpoints and recommendations, either. Admittedly, while I have gotten a sense regarding how the available stock water blasters available became the way they are, it is also of no surprise that the online water warfare community remains yearning and frustrated with the perceived status quo. I suppose it is only natural to complain about lack of progress when one is not in the midst of it.

I suppose my viewpoint bridging the manufacturing world and the consumer world provides me unique insights into both worlds. I've learned of changes in the market, manufacturing costs, regulations, legal issues, and beyond. However, my experience shows me that my previous attempts to provide effective information and feedback flow between the two sides has not worked as effectively as I desire. A change is needed, but what this change will or even should be remains unclear. What I do know is that my love for water blasters and water fights remains as strong as ever, but attempting so solve failed communications solely through repetition is a practical example of insanity (e.g. continually repeating the same thing hoping that something will change). Repetition is an ineffective path towards improvements, but then again, so is change merely for the sake of change.

What's next, then? We shall see... Will it really be for the better? Only time can tell, but while many are disgruntled with the status quo of the availability of well-performing stock water blasters, I also am not content with the status quo of how we can bring about positive change.

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