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Tech Tech - Cannon Comparison (2000) .:

The following page compares some of the largest, single-piece water weaponry ever created for recreational use. The CPS2000, CPS2500, CPS2700, Monster X and Monster XL will be analyzed based on their different strengths and weaknesses. Presented first are some general facts and figures on each of the blasters.





Monster X

Monster XL

























PT Volume






Res. Volume






Max. Range






Max. Output






Note: Dimensions in cm, Weight in kg, Volumes in mL, Range in m, Output in mL/sec.

All these water cannons approach a metre in length and weigh bewteen 5 to 8 kilograms when fully loaded (definitely not meant for the meek!). Despite their similar sizes and weights, their general performance and abilities on the water war field vary substantially.

cps2000_sqThe CPS2000 was the first of the CPS-based weaponry produced by Larami Ltd. This beast still boasts the most powerful water blast released from a water blaster. It should be noted that two forms of the CPS2000 exist, commonly known as the CPS2000 Mk. 1 and CPS2000 Mk. 2 by water blaster enthusiasts. The Mk.1 was the original CPS2000 with a pressure tank volume of 900mL and able to dispense it in under a second. The Mk. 2 could also deliver its full pressurized payload in about a second, but its pressure tank equals that of the CPS2500, roughly 650 mL (Side Note: I have never seen or used a CPS2000 Mk. 2, thus the capabilities listed here are based on fan reports). The CPS2000 makes for a great heavy cannon, able to out-distance any other known blaster as well as most garden hoses. However, it was released on in 1996 and the chances of finding one are rather slim.
Recommended Uses: Heavy frontline assaults, heavy-alternate blaster, hard-hitting defensive cannon.

cps2500_sqThe CPS2500 is a later blaster evolution. Based on the CPS2000's general frame, the CPS2500 is almost identical to the CPS2000's size and weight. However, it features multiple nozzle selections, varying from a 5x stream (similar to a CPS 1000's stream) to a 20x stream. While the 20x stream is rather powerful, it still didn't quite match the sheer force of the CPS2000 Mk. 1's blast. As well, the firing chamber on the CPS2500 is smaller, holding ~650 mL. Overall, the CPS2500, because of its smaller firing chamber and ability to switch nozzles, has a longer lifetime in the battlefield before needing a refill. Of course, this comes at the cost of some power. However, this blaster still retains a high intimidation factor and can sometimes still be found.
Recommended Uses: Heavy frontline assaults, heavy-back-up blaster, heavy support, defensive cannon.

cps2700_sqThe CPS2700 was based on a totally different framework than the CPS2000 and CPS2500. Looking at its styling and relative size, it appears to be a sort of hybrid between a CPS2500 and a CPS1500. Instead of a cylindrical firing chamber, the CPS2700 sports a spherical firing chamber. While it, too has multiple nozzle selections, its nozzle sizes range from 2x to 10x, lacking the powerful 20x stream. As well, the overall pressure of water leaving the nozzle does not appear to be as potent as either the CPS2000 or CPS2500. What this blaster lacks in power, it makes up in sheer capacity and staying power. The CPS2700 has the largest reservoir on a single-piece blaster, only beat by the backpack blasters (CPS3000 and CPS3200) in capacity. Combined with the smaller nozzle sizes, this blaster will allow its user to remain a long time in the field before requiring a refill. Of course, if the refill source does not dispense quickly, it will take awhile to fill the blaster.
Recommended Uses: Mid-level frontline assaults, long-range operations, defensive support.

monsterX_sqThe Monster X is considered by some as the latest incarnation of the CPS2000/2500 blaster. Its size and general feel do resemble the original CPS cannons. However, the Monster X has an even smaller, less potent firing chamber than the CPS2500. This means more shots per fill, but less "oomph" per shot as well as less water dispensed. The size nozzle choices and styling on the Monster X make this blaster look more menacing on the water war field, but those experienced in water combat will not be so easily intimidated by this large blaster. The single-aperture nozzle settings of 5x, 8.5x and 11.5x are effective and allow the Monster X user to conserve or dish out water as desired. The fan and shower settings are not as well supported by this blaster's firing chamber. The quick-fill capability of this blaster is a nice-added benefit, making for fast-refills if an active QFD is available. However, due to the relatively small firing chamber, while this blaster is one of the largest, it performs more closely to medium CPS-class blasters like the CPS1500 or Monster.
Recommended Uses: Heavy frontline assaults, heavy support, suppression fire support, defensive support.

monsterXL_sqThe Monster XL is currently the largest single-piece water blaster ever produced (It even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records 2002 under world's largest water blaster!) A bi-pod, dual-barrels, 11-active nozzle settings + one off setting, guided-pump, Monster-styling, the Monster XL is one beast of a blaster that intimidates most who have never borne witness to this beast. However, its performance is only mediocre for a blaster of this magnitude. One of the key highlights of this cannon is its huge, 1.2L firing chamber volume. With that much pressurized water, all nozzle settings, even the shower setting, are adequately fed with water and the Monster XL can dish out a lot of water very quickly. However, the pump volume of this blaster is basically equal to its smaller CPS-brethren, meaning it takes a LOT of pumps to pressurize the dual-firing chambers. The reservoir holds only about 3.5L, allowing the firing chamber to be fully filled less than 3 times on a full tank. As well, the blaster is very heavy, putting all its weight onto one shoulder. Prolonged use in the field can be rather strenuous. On the bright side, the Monster XL has quick-fill abilities. One common tactic is to use the Monster XL primarily as a base-defensive blaster. Instead of worrying about pumping, the Monster XL use remains near to the QFD, charging the blaster as needed and unleash water without the pain of pumping.
Recommended Uses: Adding an intimidation factor in frontline assaults, support, suppression fire support, heavy base defense cannon.


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