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Though often discussed in passing in water blaster reviews, there has not been a deeper look into the various technologies beyond the pressurization technologies that allow a water blaster to function. Parts such as pumps, valves, and tubing are mentioned, but often overlooked in terms of their importance in making a water blaster function.

This next series of articles will dive deeper into the other pieces that allow water blasters to work beyond their reservoirs and pressurization systems. We will begin by examining and discussing the different types of valves found in different water blasters, how they work, and their advantages and disadvantages.

Common Water Blaster Valves

As can be seen above, there are eight (8) fairly common types of valves found in the water blasters reviewed at

All valves have the same general purpose in helping control the flow of water through the connective tubing between the different parts of the water blaster. Some of these also control which direction water (or air) can flow through the system

In the above linked articles, we dive deeper into how each of the valves work, what they are best for, and where their limitations lie.


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