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Tech Tech - Fast-Fill Bottles .:

The use of plastic bottles as a means to have additional water when away from a water source is not a new concept. However, bottle-refilling can be a slow, somewhat messy process. However, with a minor adjustment, most plastic bottles can be easily converted into fast-fill bottles.


Plastic bottles (2L Cola bottles with openings which fit inside the reservoir openings of most new Super Soakers® are preferred)
A sharp object (i.e. a pin, 2 mm drill-bit, sharp ice-pick, etc.)
Adhesive tape (i.e. clear tape, masking tape, duct tape, etc.)


Take the plastic bottle you wish to convert and invert it such that the bottom is facing towards you. Then, in one area at the base of the bottle, puncture a hole and enlargen it to a diameter of about 2 mm (1/8"). Cover the hole with a piece of tape which has been folded over on one side such that the tape can be easily removed. Flip the bottle right-side-up and fill with water.

If done properly, the bottle should be able to be filled to the top normally without leaking from the sealed hole. However, when filling a blaster, simply invert the bottle and remove the tape to allow water to flow freely. This has been tried using a standard 2L cola bottle, reducing bottle emptying time from 26 seconds down to about 5 seconds. If the water is flowing from the bottle too quickly, one can simply cover the hole with one's finger or the tape to slow down the rate of water flow. With multiple 2L bottles available, one can recharge a CPS3000 in less than 30 seconds! (I believe that beats the refill time even of most standard hoses.) Use it wisely...


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