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Disclaimer: The following repair guide is provided for informational purposes. Not all these repairs have actually been tested here. and its affiliates cannot and will not take any responsibility to any damages caused as a direct or indirect result of anything attempted. Use at your own risk/discretion.

By: Tyler S.

How to repair loose nozzle selectors:

Ever had a loose nozzle selector (i.e. Monster 2001) and you weren't sure if the nozzle selection is in the right place? Isn't it annoying? Well, here is how you can fix that.

On most water blasters with multiple nozzle selections, there is an orange nozzle piece where the nozzle selections are found. Usually, there is a screw in the middle that keeps the selector on the blaster. Take that selector off with a good, small screwdriver that will fit the screw properly. An non-proportionate screwdriver will mess up the screwdriver and strip the screw head. When the selector is off, you will see a metal spring in a hole on the front of the blaster. If the screw was on tightly but the selector was still faulty, it is probably because of the spring that keeps the nozzle in place. This spring has a small plastic piece on the front. Be sure not to lose that. Keep the spring, plastic piece, and screw in a safe place.

Go to a hardware store and get a bigger, longer, stiffer spring that will fit the blaster and the plastic piece that goes on it. Put the NEW spring in the hole and put the plastic piece on. Make sure the piece and hole fits. If not, return the spring and get a properly-sized one. Now, put the nozzle selector back on. Hold the selector on to the blaster! The spring will make it difficult to put it on. Screw the selector back on the gun TIGHTLY.

If done correctly, this repair should make the selector stiffer and easy-locking. I did this to my XP 310 and it works fine now.

Posted: 20020112


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