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By: Victor W. | Posted: 20030814

I have got the problem with my Max-D 4000 that the valve didn’t work anymore. When pumping, water came out immediately from the nozzle.

First, open up the Max-D 4000 which is more difficult than you might think: remove the screws (be sure to note where the longer screws belong) and then open up the case from the trigger towards to the pump. Try to slide one half of the case out of the pumpholder. Be very careful with this because the pumpholder is glued on one part!

Once open, find the valve-mechanic and try to switch it by hand. It will probably switch but will not go back by itself. If so, pull the spring a little longer than it is and, when at 3 quarters of its original length, attach it again to the spring-screw. Thus, the spring will have more power to pull the valve to its closing position again. Cut off the quarter-piece that isn’t necessary anymore…

Close up the case by sliding the half of the case into the pumpholder’s ring first, then part for part closing up the case.

The cause of the problem was (I am pretty sure about this…) using sea water…

Victor W. (Holland)

Editor's Note: While not verified on all models, this repair will likely also work for other Max-D trigger-based blasters.


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