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Balloon Smasher

MRS1000: Modular Reservoir System


Hydro-Pulse 1000
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CPS 102

CPS 3300
Pulse Master^2

Water Slug

Orca II

CPS 1600
( iSX Customized)

Burst Cannon

Snub-Nosed Medium Cannon

Over-Under-Type Blaster

Super Soaker Assault Rifle

Other Water Blaster Ideas:

The following ideas are concepts for possible future water blasters which build upon what is already out there:

  • CPS-MDS: Combine CPS power with a movable nozzle like that found on the SS:MDS and one now can fire safely and powerfully even around corners without fear of return-fire. (Suggested in 1999)
  • Modular Soaker: Imagine having a building set made up of interchangeable pieces so you can put together one's own design. Though I'm not sure how this can technically work, the idea of being able to take prefabricated modular parts to build a Super Soaker® like building with Lego(tm) would be a novel design.(Suggested in 2000)
  • Monster Plus: Take the existing Monster weaponry and attach a large (8L) backpack to it in place of the small reservoir. Have the backpack also QFD-fillable (like the backpack on the CPS3200). (Suggested in 2000)
  • Trigger Variable Soaker: A soaker with a variable nozzle that expands in diameter the harder you pull on the trigger. The blaster would need to have a decent-sized CPS firing chamber. The nozzle size range could vary from 2x-20x just by squeezing more. This would make it easier to dish out more soaking when needed instead of having to switch nozzles on multi-nozzle blasters mid-water war. (Suggested in 2001)
  • Super Soaker® Accessories: The following ideas are not weaponry but rather gear which would seriously enhance water fights if available:
    • SC: Power Pump: This device would be a hybrid between a QFD, a hand or foot pump and a hose. Simply put, this decive would let SC: Class weaponry to be refilled if a hose is not present but a reservoir of water is. The hose should be similar to that found on the XP: Pool Pumper Cannon or Blaster to allow one to draw water from a wide variety of sources. (Suggested in 2000)
    • Super Soaker® Battle Gear: Official gear for the true Super Soaker® fanatic. This gear set would include a plastic face-shield/visor, vinyl fingerless gloves, a waterproof fanny pack to hold extra gear, etc. (Suggested in 2000)
    • Super Soaker® Slingshot II: A redesign of the original Super Soaker® water balloon slingshot to satisfy those who like mixing water blasters with water balloons. (Suggested in 2000)

These Previously Posted Ideas Have Now Become a Reality:

  • CPS^2: Double-barrelled CPS-based water blaster. 'nuff said. (Known as the Monster XL) (Suggested in 1999; Reality in 2000)
  • CPS-SC Hybrid: Unlike the SC 500 and SC 600, the CPS-SC Hybrid series would be of the same size and calibre of the current CPS series but have the added feature of being able to quickly refill using the QFD. Imagine a CPS 1000 which could be refilled completely almost as quickly as one can empty it. (Known as the Monster Series) (Suggested in 1999; Reality in 2000)
  • Flexi-Pak: A 6-8L backpack for holding water akin to the CPS 3000's but with an adapter to attach to most CPS, SC and newer XP models which have the screw-on reservoir cap. Imagine giving an XP 110 an 8L reservoir. (Suggested in 1999; Reality in 2006 with Super Soaker Max-Infusion series)
  • CPS-Shotgun: Combine the power of the CPS series with a nozzle like those found on the XP 75 when its nozzle is removed. In other words, this blaster would not fire a stream, rather a spreading blast of water. Range of this blaster would be hampered by this design but area covered by water would be greatly increased. (Suggested in 1999; Reality in 2011 with the Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Cannon)

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