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Tech Tech - Concept: Yannick M. .:

By: Yannick M.


This soaker is like an innovation to the Cps 2500. First, the gun is about 75 cm long instead of 88 cm (In water warfare you will not be spotted as easily because off gun sticking out of the bush. Also, the 13 cm difference would make it easier to run with.) Saturator nozzle is from the SC power pack. Basically it is a nozzle with many holes. Instead of having a 650 mL firing chamber, it would change to 850 mL firing chamber for longer shot time. Nozzle selector would be controlled by a switch. 3.5 litre reservoir instead of a 3.1 litre reservoir. With the Cps 2600, you could get 4 shots. The gun would be a bit heavier but would be smaller. This would be my weapon of choice.


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