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Tech Tech - Concept: soakernerd Hydro-Pulse 1000 .:

By: soakernerd

Hydro-Pulse 1000

Hydro-Pulse 1000 This water gun has a pulse setting like the XP 90 - Pulse Fire. It works differently though. The ball valve is motorized, so it can spin very quickly, creating sharp pulses when the trigger is held down. It also has a standard stream setting. In this setting, pulling the trigger causes the motor to turn on, and when the trigger is released, the motor shuts the valve. This would require a fairly simple computer chip to coordinate the pulse rate and move the valve the right distance to completely close the valve. The blaster is powered by a PR/Separate PC, made possible by MRS technology. There will also be a larger version, the Hydro-Pulse 2000, which uses a 25oz CPS chamber. It is not compatible with MRS accessories, but it does have a nozzle selector in addition to the Pulse technology. The ball valve motor on the larger one also has variable speed, so it can have quick or long pulses. That function is controlled by a switch, and the trigger itself controls whether it has a pulse or a stream. A half pull fires pulses, while a full trigger pull fires a stream.

The motorized trigger means no more breaking springs on ball valves. It includes rechargeable batteries, and the 2 pieces of the shell have a rubber gasket between them to keep the electronics safe.

The 1000 has a range of about 45 ft, while the 2000 has a range of 50 ft. The 2000's nozzle selector has a 1x, 5x, 10x, and typhoon blast. The typhoon is included for area coverage, and should have a nice effect with the pulse setting.

Both models feature 45ml tracked pumps. The 1000 has a 20oz reservoir/PC. The 2000 has a 25oz PC with a 3L reservoir. It is about the size of the CPS 2500.


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