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Constant Pressure System Nozzle Valve Repair

Disclaimer: The following repair guide is provided for informational purposes. Not all these repairs have actually been tested here. and its affiliates cannot and will not take any responsibility to any damages caused as a direct or indirect result of anything attempted. Use at your own risk/discretion.

By: Sargent Studley | Posted: 20010819

The plastic valve that lets the whole thing work can be opened and repaired. The valve system is simply a spring-loaded pad of rubber that presses against the nozzle opening. As you pump water in, the pad is pressed against the hole, it it then goes out the back of the valve to the rubber pressure chamber. When you pull the trigger, the pad is pulled from the hole and the water under pressure is let out.
The rubber pad is glued to a plastic backing that is attached to the metal rod that sticks out the back. After about two years or so, the glue gets weaker. The rubber then peals off the plastic and the seal may break, allowing water to shoot out right after you pump it.
To fix it, open the valve by unscrewing the screws. Its also glued closed so use a knife to gently pry it open. After inside, glue the rubber and the peg on the plastic spring loaded plate with a VERY strong sealent, like Epoxy, and make sure it is water proof! Once the glue is dry, put the valve back together. Make SURE you glue this together as well, or it will simply spray everywhere inside the gun.
Let it set for 24 hours to maximize the sealant's hold. Then test it. It should work. If the valve still goes faulty, there is nothing else that can be done. This worked on my CPS 2500. It was pumped completely to the point where pumping became difficult. I then let loose with 20X and the repaired valve held.


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