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Disclaimer: The following repair guide is provided for informational purposes. Not all these repairs have actually been tested here. and its affiliates cannot and will not take any responsibility to any damages caused as a direct or indirect result of anything attempted. Use at your own risk/discretion.

Blasters belonging to the Super Charger tech category include the SC500, SC:BT and Monster. The firing chambers employed by these blasters are either single, pressurized reservoirs or CPS-tech. All SC-class blasters are able to fill their weapons using a QFD (Quick Fill Device) attached onto an active hose.

  • General Firing Problems

    For general blaster problems, see the other sections depending on the firing mechanism used for the SC-capable blaster.
  • QFD Does Not Charge Weapon

    There are many possible reasons this may be the case. Before doing anything else, ensure the QFD is attached securely to the garden hose and that the hose is turned onto max. Test the QFD by pushing one's finger onto the apparatus to see if water is released as the piston-valve is pressed. If water is coming out, try to charge from the QFD again. If no water is coming out, turn off the hose, check the connection, make sure the hose works and try again.
    It is possible that dirt/damage is preventing the SC-class weapon's water intake from functioning properly. Sometimes one simply needs to look at where the water goes in to see if something may be inhibiting water flow.
  • 2-Way QFD Does Not Switch Between Both Sides

    Sometimes the on/off switch for the 2-way QFDs does not move easily. To reduce the friction, a little oil/lubricant added to the lever and inner-ball can sometimes help. Otherwise, it is sometimes better to look into buying another blaster which comes with a 2-way QFD and ensuring that the new QFD does not suffer from the same on/off stiffness.


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