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The Armoury Review :: Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite: RL

.: Limited statistics measured at


Manufacturer: Hasbro Inc.

Class:  Piston

  Item Number: E6874
  Copyright Date / Release Date: 2018 / 2019
  Review Notes:
  Availability: Few Stores


Basic Statistics ::

  Weight: 0.00 g (0 oz.)
  Reservoir Volume: 0.00 mL (0 fl.oz.)
  Pressure Chamber Volume: N/A
  Pump Volume: 200 mL (6.67 fl.oz.) Ratings .:

Power: N/A

Range: N/A

Encumbrance: 30

Ergonomics: 70

Capacity: 10

Overall: 10

Blaster Dimensions :: 66.5 cm (26.18 ") x 7.0 cm (2.76 ") x 25.5 cm (10.04 ")

Length x Width x Height

Version Colours .:



Pressure Chamber




Brown / Green / Red / Orange

Nozzle Information: 1 .:


Range (level)

Range (45°)


iSoaker Output Rating

iSoaker Power Rating

Shot Time

Main ::








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The Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite: RL appears to be a pool-cannon-type water blaster with styling based from the currently popular Fortnite video game. "RL" stands for "Rocket Launcher"; of course, this water blaster version is meant to create a stream of water, not a "water rocket"-shaped blast (if only).

Brief Overview .:

The Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite RL is a syringe-type blaster; as the inner lining of its packaging shows, its nozzle must be submerged in water in order to fill by drawing water into its firing chamber by extending the blaster. As can be seen from the pictures as well, the RL's nozzle is a decent size. The RL's firing chamber capacity was not measured here; the value provided is what was printed on its packaging. What cannot be seen in the pictures is the fact that this particular blaster was stuck and unable to extend at all. Hopefully, this is not a common issue with other Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite RL water blasters, but it is never a good sign for this to happen to any item sold.

* Note: at present, this blaster is being kept in its original packaging and has no plans to do additional testing

In the end, the Nerf Super Soaker RL may be fun for Fortnite fans who want to do a little bit of casual role-playing. Being syringe-based, power will be dependent on the user's arm strength; at the same time, its blast likely provides a good soak, but without a readily available water supply, its field life will be rather limited. Granted, one can likely find a comparable or even harder hitting syringe-type water blaster on the market for a much lower cost if one is willing to obtain a non-Fortnite-styled water blaster.


If a Fortnite fan, has Fortnite-based styling; one big shot


One available for testing appears stuck/no able to move; syringe-based mechanism means one needs a bucket or open-top water source nearby in order to be able to refill



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