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Dragon-class (various nozzle pics)

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The nozzle(8.5x) that was throughly gouged had the 1/2" bit taken to it, and as you can see the actual nozzle is now the outer wall! This now makes it into one hell of a flood nozzle. The enlarged 11.5x nozzle also does not have a lamination wall, and responds much more like the 2500. These are pictures of it(before/after the change) and the bored 2500, 2700, SC600, SC500, and Devastator.

-SS100 N&I: 3/32" drill bit = 3x
-XP150: removed debris screen(was 2x) = 3x
*XP110(not touched): 2.3x(pic soon)
-XP310: 1/16, 3/32, 1/8" drill bits = 1x, 2x, 3x(pic), 4x(shotgun effect)(pic)
-MD6000: bits used same as XP310 = 1.3x, 2.5x, 3.3x, 4x(pic)

The Sharper Image FF works quite nicely, though the relief valve works alittle real hard pumping at the end. After reading some of the posts about the problem when the FF is connected to an aquapack I'm going to take wild guess and say that they're using the 50 oz because it has a stopper-type cap whereas the 100 has a quickfill that doubles as a air suction valve(no major vacuum). I wonder if there's a warning on the box? Anyways, with the pics you can see the lamination walls on both the CPS2100 and  SC500. The lam wall on the SC600(blue one) looks like a smaller version of the 2100's, even has a debris screen(?).

You can just barely tell that the euro 1000 does not use straws, but has a lamination wall much like the CPS2700(new version?).

Straws started with the CPS2000(duh), 2500, 3000(?), and continued(?) with the first generation 1000, and 1500. Next, I'm sure to restrict output(smaller openings), they switched to what I call "laminator blocks."  They are fairly thick, same length as the straws, and look like black, rubber chunks of swiss cheese. These appear on the later gens of 1000, 1500, 1700, and 2700. I'm not sure if the 1200 and 3200 are also among that group(maybe you can answer that). After that, Hasbro/Larami seems to have gone to smaller nozzles and pressure chambers. With that, they designed thin, shower-head looking "laminator walls." Part of the 2100, 4100, Monster, Monster  X,  MXL, and I suppose the Splashzooka, Super Charger Power Pack, and SC Big Trouble. They also appear on the SC500 and 600.

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