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FinalFantasizer: Update on my water war activities

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I haven't posted in iSoaker since late May, so I've been isolated from other hardcore water warriors for about six months now. Since my last post, I have made a few improvements to my arsenal, and I will post them here.

1. Douchenator

So, I spent more than $100 on this beast, but it was well worth it. It uses a rechargeable inflator instead of a bike pump and I use paper towels for wadding. It's about 6.5 feet long and a pain to carry, but it can fire 7 - 10 balloons in a single shot. Thanks, Duxburian for a beautiful design idea.

2. CPS 3000 Custom

This is my pride and joy. I got the gun for free from a total n00b who considered it garbage. The weapon had the following deficiencies: 1. NO backpack reservoir (ouch!) 2. Non-working internals (pump and check valve not functional) 3. Internal bleeding (several cracks in pipes and PC casing).

Needless to say, I performed some serious surgery on it. First, I attached the backpack reservoir from my MI overload to provide a relatively small, but very easy to carry water supply. To repair the internals, I removed the 3000's pump shaft and check valve assembly and replaced it with that of an older CPS 2100 MK 2 (I left the 3000's PC and nozzle assembly in the gun). I connectted the CPS 2100 parts to the PC of the 3000 with duct tape and epoxy. Essentially, the gun's water is pumped with CPS 2100 parts from the MI reservoir to the CPS 3000 Pressure Chamber: some serous transplants. The frame of the gun had to be cut and sanded inside in order to accomodate the foreign 2100 internals. Finally, I used about 2 packs of epoxy to repair all of the leaks on the inside of the gun and lubricated the pump with a silicon-based lube.

The entire process began in June and ended in late September. I can't show pics of the internals of the gun because I had to glue the frame of the gun together (when accomodating the 2100 parts, I had to sand off some of the places where screws were to be located).
Notice the badass paint job.

3. CPS 21k Desert Combat Paint Job

Pretty cool eh?

4. Battle Report 11/10/06 (yesterday!)

Three of my friends and I decided to have a Battle Royale at about 6:00 PM yesterday. The lighting was pitch black because of the time of year, so stealth and hiding were crucial. We live in Georgia, so a water war in November isn't suicide, as it is in New England. We had some pretty good stealth tactics, and I must say that my Solid Snake skills were at their peak (one of my opponents walked right by me without noticing). I died after a well placed shot to the head from 1337 5k337 (he was camping behind a bush). There isn't much else to say about this other than the fact that my dodging and aiming are very rusty after 6 months.

5. My new Armory.

I built a shelf storage system in an empty closet in my garage one month ago. I can *almost* fit my entire armory inside.