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Cobralex297's Armoury

Submitted 20070827

1. A light load, for a short vacation to Vermont. It was a car trip and I could only pack a duffel, so here's the loadout. Notice the towel on the upper right; that's what I wrapped them in, in order to prevent any damage.

2. The latest addition to my armory, a squirt pistol. After trying many that I was able to acquire, quite cheaply, this is the most durable and best performing one that I could find. Great for indoor battles, and allows one to be a little more generally carefree, at least more so than one can be while using an Xp215 or Xp20, because if it breaks or is damaged, it was only 2.50.

3 and 4. The two soakers that I brought with me on my trip to the Vineyard. As it was a longer trip, there was space to pack bigger guns. I brought the XL because I had speculated (correctly) that the bipod would be perfect for bombardment on those standing below the large deck that we have. Normally I don't use the XL, however the height advantage made the poor range unimportant, as it was greatly improved. I brought along the Xxp275 because it's a nice, portable yet powerful blaster. One that's in far enough from mint condition, that I can allow my brother to use it.

Submitted 20070803

My 'Big Gun' Wall is comprised fully of CPS soakers, with the exception of one air pressure gun and one piston gun, for good measure. Of course, I'm not speaking of the guns on the table; there are several air pressure guns there.

Submitted 20070730

Submitted 20070720

The first three pictures are of the 'Small Arms' wall. I keep my larger, CPS guns on a different wall. Originally, as seen in the original picture, everything was on one wall, however I was unable to fit everything in after a few weeks. I then began to start bumping guns over to the wall on the opposite side of the room. Now, I think that I can only fit one or two more guns on that wall at best, I will have to start looking elsewhere soon. Maybe if I reorganize I'll be able to get more than 1-2, but we'll see.

This final picture is of my combined NIB/Extras/Broken/Tools/In Progress section. My tools are there, as well as a short hose that I bought to use with my QFDs, as well as the new in box guns I have. Only four boxes are there now, however I plan to add more as soon as the funds become available. The two broken guns that I own are right next to the boxes, the SS 50 and the XP 55. I feel blessed to own 60 functioning soakers, and have only two that are out of order. Also pictured here are my tools, spray adhesive, tape for packing and repairs, extra straps [one broken], gloves, goggles, and extra pegs for mounting blasters.

Submitted 20070719

This picture is from the good old days - back then, I only had 19 soakers - less than a third of what I've got now. This is from when they all fit on one wall. At that time, the CPS 2500 was my complete pride and joy. The most powerful gun that I'd ever shot, I was amazed when I pulled it out of the box. Back during this time, all the guns could still fit on one wall. Although I'm proud of having more than one wall of guns now, I'm running out of space.

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